Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Injury Claim Frequently Asked Questions

Are you starting your own personal injury claim? It can seem like an overwhelming process for many people. With the right knowledge and information, you can file your claim with ease and get the financial help you need. Read our articles below to answer any questions you might have about the claims process, from determining fault for an auto accident to understanding what specific laws your state has regarding personal injury claims. Just click on each section for relevant FAQs.

Auto Accident

    Car Damages

    Our car damages frequently asked questions can help with establishing damages and filing claims.

    Claims, Evidence, and Paperwork

    Learn more about auto accident personal injury claims, evidence and the paperwork involved in filing a claim.

    Construction Zone

    Review our list of frequently asked questions for auto accidents in a construction zone before filing a personal injury claim.

    Demand Letters

    Check our frequently asked questions while working on writing your auto accident demand letter.

    Distracted Driving

    Learn how to file a personal injury claim for distracted driving.


    Find the answers to some of your questions when filing a personal injury claim against FedEx.


    Find general auto accident personal injury information to answer your frequently asked questions.


    Find out how an auto accident personal injury claim may impact your insurance.


    If you have any questions on merging accidents and personal injury claims, check out our merging FAQs.

    Other Accident Scenarios

    For a variety of frequently asked questions for car accident scenarios not listed above, check out this section.

    Out of State

    Get more information on filing claims for out of state auto accidents.

    Phantom Driver

    Claims against phantom drivers can result in a variety of questions. Check out our FAQ's as a guide.


    Find the answers to your rear-end accident personal injury claim questions.

    Road Rage

    Check out our frequently asked questions for a personal injury claim resulting from road rage.

    Self Driving Cars and Ride Services

    Find the answers about some common questions when filing a personal injury claim against a self driving car or a ride sharing service.

    Scooter Crashes

    Here is more information on filing a personal injury claim after a scooter crash!

    Turn Signals

    If you were in an car accident due to a turn signal misuse, check out our frequently asked questions before filing a claim.


    Personal injury claims against UPS can be complicated. Use our UPS FAQs to help your claim.


    If you have questions on filing a personal injury claim against USPS, these frequently asked questions can help.

Slip and Fall


    If you are filing a slip and fall personal injury claim against McDonald's, take a look at our FAQs to help with questions that may arise.


    Proving negligence in a slip and fall personal injury claim can be confusing. Our FAQs can help clarify questions.

    Other Slip and Fall Questions

    Here is our collection of FAQs for all other slip and fall scenarios and questions.

Wrongful Death

Find the answers to any of your wrongful death personal injury questions here!


These are a variety of questions that are not specific to auto accidents, slip and falls or wrongful death claims.

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