Do You Need Lawyer If There's Dispute About Who's at Fault?

If you have had an accident it may be clear to you who was at fault, but you may find that this is not shared by the person or organization you think was at fault. Determining who is at fault is essential if you are to obtain compensation

In some states, you can still obtain compensation even if you are partly to blame, while in others this is impossible if you are more than 50% at fault, or even if you are only a tiny bit to blame.

You may have to be persistent with your version of the events and present sound evidence to prove that others were negligent. If there is any likelihood that there will be a dispute about who was at fault, then you should use a personal injury lawyer for advice and legal assistance.

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Damages You May Receive After an Accident

It is important to claim for all damages for which you are entitled. You should not admit fault before or when you file your claim, but on the other hand be prepared to back up your submission.

The two most common components of a claim for damages are economic and non-economic damages. These vary tremendously because the exact circumstances of each accident situation are unique. However, you will want to include all your costs for medical treatment, including a reliable estimate for any future expected treatment or rehabilitation.

Economic damages also include all loss of earnings to date and projected future loss of earnings. The most common non-economic damages are for pain and suffering, which in some states are capped.

Why Consider a Lawyer?

A good PI lawyer can help you decide whether it is worth pursuing a claim and whether you have sufficient evidence to avoid arguing about who was to blame.

It is common for insurers to allege that you were at least partly to blame. If you have no lawyer, they may succeed in intimidating you, whereas, when negotiating with a lawyer they may decide to settle rather than fight the case in court.

In short, if you do expect there to be a dispute about who was at fault, or the state you are in makes it important to minimize the role you had to play, then you should make sure you have legal representation.

Work With a PI Lawyer Today

It is a false economy to try and avoid using a lawyer because you are worried about how much it will cost. You are likely to obtain a better deal through a lawyer and in any case few PI lawyers insist on up-front fees.

Usually, they are deferred until a settlement is reached and are not billed if for some unfortunate reason your claim is lost altogether.

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