Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys

If you were injured in an Oklahoma accident, you might be able to recover compensation for your damages by filing a personal injury claim. When an accident occurs, one party is liable for the damages that result. Usually, accidents are caused by negligence or wrongdoing. Sometimes it is easy to prove negligence, but at other times, it can be much more challenging to do so.

Negligence can be the failure to do what he or she should do in order to prevent an accident, but it can also involve doing something that shouldn’t have been done resulting in an accident. When you pursue compensation for the damages suffered in the accident, you will have to prove liability and negligence for a successful claim, so you should consult with an Oklahoma personal injury attorney to make sure your claim gets on the right track.

How Many Personal Injury Attorneys Are in Oklahoma?

You have a choice of personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma. According to Avvo, the state had 275 personal injury lawyers representing accident victims as of April 2018. Of course, that number was probably not accurate and there were most likely more lawyers in that field.

When choosing an attorney, you want one licensed in your state, so you can be represented in court and so your attorney is familiar with the state and local laws. When you hire an accident injury lawyer, you have nothing to lose. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, so they don’t get paid until you get compensated for your losses through a judgment or settlement.

Because of the negotiation skills of personal injury lawyers, some settlements are reached with the insurance companies before a claim advances to court. If the claim cannot be fairly settled, your attorney will have to build a case for court. Documentation, such as medical expenses, the accident report, eyewitness statements, proof of lost wages, photos of the injuries and damages, and expert witness opinions can all be used to help your claim.

Your attorney will determine what damages you suffered in the accident and will come up with a fair value for your claim to ensure you have access to the funds you need in such predicaments.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys

How Can An Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

One accident can affect you for years to come. You will have economic and non-economic damages. One accident can lead to a dozen varying damages. The kind of accident and the extent of the injuries all have a role in what damages you suffer.

Some more common damages suffered include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent scarring and disfigurement, and loss of consortium. Other damages might include disabilities, loss of enjoyment of life, future medical expenses, loss of future earnings, and punitive damages. Your attorney will carefully evaluate your situation to determine your damages.

In a personal injury claim, you are asking to be compensated for the damages that you suffered. Your attorney will have to prove that negligence led to the injuries you suffered. Some personal injury claims are more complicated than others because you might not know who is liable for the damages.

As an example, you were hit by a truck delivering goods for a large chain department store. You might not know if the truck driver is liable or whether the fault falls on the department store or the company that owns the truck. Your attorney will determine how to proceed with the claim and ensure it is filed properly.

Courthouses in Oklahoma

Some claims are filed in small claims court while those asking for larger amounts are pursued in other courts. Here are a few courthouses in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma County Courthouse
320 Robert S Kerr Ave #203
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Oklahoma Supreme Court
2100 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Tulsa County Courthouse
500 South Denver Avenue W
Tulsa, OK 74103

Your attorney will make sure your claim is filed in the right court, so time and resources aren’t wasted.

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If you have suffered injuries in an accident, consult with an Oklahoma personal injury attorney today. There is a two-year statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury claim in the state. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to get your information sent to an accident injury attorney who can give you a free case evaluation!

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