Personal Injury Claim Resources

Are you just starting your personal injury claim? Do you need help understanding the process? If you are having difficulty with any component of the personal injury claim, we have various resources available to help you.

Personal Injury Claim Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ will answer any questions you may have about the process. We also have information about different cases you might be facing, such as auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and more.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim

The process for filing a personal injury claim will vary depending on the accident you were in. You can learn more about starting your claim process here.

Ask an Attorney

Some questions are best left to an attorney. Attorney Alaina Sullivan answers some of your most common legal questions here.

Should You Contact an Attorney?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you need to reach out to an attorney or just handle it with insurance. Here's some helpful tips on determining whether you need legal assistance with your claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys By State

You'll need to work with a personal injury attorney who handles claims in your state to file a claim successfully. Here's a little more information on how to find legal aid in your state.

Personal Injury Attorneys By City

You'll need to work with a personal injury attorney who handles claims in your city to have a good chance of successfully filing a claim. Here's how you can start a claim in your city.

Auto Accident Resources by City

When you're in an auto accident, you'll need help. Hospitals, repair shops, and personal injury attorneys will be necessary resources to help you win a claim.

Personal Injury Glossary Terms

Has your attorney discussed a factor of your claim that you don't understand? Are you confused by a term in a letter from your insurance company? Our glossary can help.

Personal Injury Claim Demand Letters

Are you writing a letter to an insurance company? Check out our demand letter examples to get an idea of how to start!

Auto Crashes By State

Have you been involved in an auto accident? Find out how your state will affect your specific crash scenario today.

Auto Crashes in a Drive-Thru

Have you been involved in an auto accident in a drive-thru? Find out how to win a personal injury claim with your specific crash scenario today.

Personal Injury Claims By State

Did you know that every state has its own law on personal injury claims? Some states will allow you to file a claim for nearly a decade. Other states will only give you a window of two years to file a claim. Learn more about your state and PI laws here.

Injuries and Your PI Claim

Did you know that the injuries you receive have the biggest effect on your claim? Depending on your ability to work after your accident, you could be entitled to more money.

Auto Accidents: Who's At Fault

Determining fault can make or break your auto accident claim. Here are some ways to determine who's at fault based on your unique crash scenario.

Auto Accidents With Public Transportation

You may be able to file a personal injury claim against a public transportation system. Find out more on how to file a claim against different public transportation systems!

Slip-and-Fall Accidents At Stores

Many retail, fast food, and sit-down locations have risks of slipping and falling, or otherwise injuring yourself. Find out what kinds of injury risks can occur at many common chains!

Equipment to Keep In Your Car

Every motorist should keep the basics like a first-aid kit and flashlight in her trunk, but some drivers will need additional supplies depending on where they live.

Driving Laws By State

Did you know that driving laws vary by state? If a driver hits you while violating a state auto law, he or she could be liable for the accident.

Personal Injury and School Violence

School violence, retaliation, and bullying could follow your child home and lead to emotional and physical harm. Protect your child today!

A Guide For Finding the Perfect Helmet

If you are a cyclist, you need to be wearing a helmet. Here's a guide on how to find the perfect helmet for your size and needs!

A Guide for Parents - Car Seats

Learn how to choose a car seat and ensure your child's safety with this guide about child car seats.

Things to Do

If you are injured at no fault of your own, you may be wondering what to do next. Here are out top things to do after an incident.

Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

Not sure if a personal injury lawyer will take your case? Check out our guide to find out if an attorney will take your case!

Finding a Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, finding a car accident attorney can help you have a successful PI claim. Learn how finding one can help!

Evidence Needed To Prove a Car Accident Caused Damages

When filing a claim for damages from a car accident, you'll need to include evidence showing the accident was the cause. Find out what evidence you'll need!

Trouble Paying Bills After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, you might be faced with a pile of expenses that seems overwhelming. Learn more about your options here.

How to Win a Personal Injury Claim

Winning your case is not always easy, but with these steps you can increase your odds.

Can't Work After A Personal Injury

If you are unable to work due to an injury, see how a personal injury attorney can help with your claim.

Accident With Underinsured Driver

An accident with an underinsured driver is complicated. Find out what your options are here.

Car Accident Checklist

Follow these steps after a car accident to help simplify a complicated situation.

Disputing Fault in A Car Accident

If you were in a car accident, you might find yourself needing to prove that you were not at fault. Learn how to dispute a claim here.

What To Do If Hit By a City's Police Car

Find out how to file a claim with a city if you are hit by one of their police cars.

What To Include In A Car Accident Claim

If you are filing a car accident claim, make sure that you know what should be included.

How to Dispute Fault For a Slip and Fall at a Business

Find out how to dispute fault for a slip and fall at a business.

Determining Fault After an Accident with an Unpredictable Driver

If you have been in an accident caused by an unpredictable driver, learn how to prove that you were not at fault.

What to Do If You Were Injured From a Slip and Fall at a Business

Find out what to do if you were injured in a slip and fall at specific businesses!

Personal Injury Help By State

Learn more about the statute of limitations, negligence laws, and other information about personal injury claims in your state.

Filing a Family Dollar Slip and Fall Claim in Your State

Find out what laws in your state may be relevant for your Family Dollar, or any discount store, slip and fall claim.

Free Personal Injury Claim Evaluation

The #1 resource you can have would be to hire a personal injury attorney. He or she can help you wade through the paperwork and get the settlement you deserve.

Who is Responsible for Medical Expenses After a Car Accident?

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are facing medical bills for an accident that is no fault of your own, you should enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you may deserve.