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Personal Injury Sample Demand Letter

A demand letter is the first major step in negotiating a personal injury claim, and is the central document in the claim itself. All negotiations of a settlement revolve around the details put forth in the letter.

This document must therefore be packed with excellent information and arguments, outlining the damages you are seeking and the reason your claim is valid. Specifically, the demand letter must include details of your injuries, how they happened, why the defendant is responsible, and all the costs and other losses you have experienced as a result.

A well-written demand letter that covers all the essential details can make a settlement negotiation go smoothly and much faster. If the letter is well done, a settlement may be agreed on within just a few rounds of negotiations.

Many people seek the help of a legal professional when drafting a demand letter. A personal injury lawyer is a useful resource to those who want to file a personal injury claim. They have the training and the expertise to get the most out of your personal injury claim. Make sure you contact a lawyer before writing a demand letter.

What to Include in Your Personal Injury Demand Letter

When you're drafting your demand letter for your personal injury claim, there are a couple of things that you need to include. The most important thing is to make sure that your demand letter is well organized and that the language is professional.

You should make sure that all you state all the facts that are pertaining to the case, which includes your information, the date of the accident and what injuries you sustained. When you explain the facts of the case, make sure they are specific, but concise.

In your personal injury demand letter, you should also include any medical evidence, such as bills that help further describe the amount of treatment that you received. Lastly, you should set a demand for damages that takes into consideration your medical bills and any lost wages.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you craft your demand letter for your personal injury claim.

There are many examples of demand letters specific to your claim. Some demand letters include:

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General Demand Letters

Accident in a Parking Lot Demand Letter
ATV Accident Demand Letter
Auto Accident Demand Letter
Boat Accident Demand Letter
Bus Accident Demand Letter
Construction Accident Demand Letter
Cruise Ship Accident Demand Letter
Defective Drug Demand Letter
Dog Bite Demand Letter
Food Court Demand Letter
Hazardous Conditions at a Ski Resort Demand Letter
General Liability Demand Letter
Medical Malpractice Demand Letter
Roller Coaster Demand Letter
Slip and Fall Demand Letter
Sample Demand Letter – Wrongful Death
Swimming Pool Accident Demand Letter
Water Park Demand Letter
Workplace Injury, No Worker’s Compensation

Case-Specific Slip and Fall Demand Letters

Slip and Fall on Ice or Snow outside a Building Demand Letter
Slip and Fall at a Private Home Demand Letter
Slip and Fall at a Hotel Demand Letter
Slip and Fall at a Local Restaurant Demand Letter
Slip and Fall at a Large Chain Restaurant
Slip and Fall At a Mall
Slip and Fall at a Retail Store
Slip and Fall at a Supermarket
Slip and Fall in McDonald's
Slip and Fall in Walmart

Case-Specific Auto Accident Demand Letters

Auto Accident Involving a Driver on a Cell Phone
Auto Accident Involving a Truck Demand Letter
Auto Accident - Accident with Lyft
Auto Accident - Accident with Uber
Auto Accident - Accident with UPS
Auto Accident - Accident with USPS
Auto Accident - Brake Damage
Auto Accident - Car Damaged By Tow Truck
Auto Accident - Car Damage From Fallen Debris
Auto Accident - Car Frame Damage
Auto Accident - Car Totaled by FedEx
Auto Accident - Driven off the Road
Auto Accident - Engine Damage
Auto Accident - FedEx Hit Parked Car
Auto Accident - Head-on Collision
Auto Accident - Hit As a Pedestrian Demand Letter
Auto Accident - Hit at an Intersection
Auto Accident - Hit at a Stoplight
Auto Accident - Hit by a Drunk Driver
Auto Accident - Hit by a Drunk Driver Wrongful Death
Auto Accident - Hit by Uninsured Motorist
Auto Accident - Hit While on a Motorcycle Demand Letter
Auto Accident - Hit While Riding a Bicycle
Auto Accident - In Parked Car
Auto Accident - In Snow
Auto Accident - Involving a Minor
Auto Accident - Multiple Drivers
Auto Accident - Phantom Driver
Auto Accident - Rear-Ended
Auto Accident - Side-Impact Accident
Auto Accident - Slashed Tires
Auto Accident - UPS Hit Parked Car
Auto Accident - USPS Hit Parked Car

Case-Specific Medical Malpractice Demand Letters

Medical Malpractice - During Surgery
Medical Malpractice for Wrong Prescription

Case-Specific Product Liability Demand Letters

Defective Product Demand Letter
Product Liability Case - Food
Product Liability-Marketing Defect
Product Liability-Packaging Defect

Getting Help with a Personal Injury Claim

Keep in mind the demand letter is only the first step in filing a claim. It is a crucial document that will drive all other negotiations. It must be well constructed and serve you well throughout all negotiations.

The letter presented here is only an example. Composing a letter for your specific injuries and circumstances can be challenging. A personal injury attorney can help you build a strong case for a settlement, including a powerful demand letter.

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