Sample Demand Letter — Shopping Mall Accident

Were you recently injured in an incident at a shopping mall? If so, hope is not lost. By filing a personal injury claim, you may find you’re eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and suffering.

Every personal injury claim begins with a demand letter. These are well-crafted, thorough documents that explain: 1) why you are filing a claim, and 2) what compensation you are seeking for your incident. They also include documentation of medical bills, prescriptions, and any other official papers that support your case.

Demand letters need to follow a very specific format to insure that all pieces of important information are included. To be sure your letter hits the necessary criteria, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney who is well-versed in legal documents such as these. However, if you’d like to begin on your own, follow the steps outlines below.

Sample Shopping Mall Accident Demand Letter

When writing your own letter, be sure to replace all variable information with your own while maintaining the following basic letter structure.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your City, State, and Zip Code]

[The Date]

[Name of the Claims Adjuster]

[His or Her Job Title]

[Address of the Insurance Company]

[City, State, and Zip Code of the Insurance Company]

Re: Your Insured, [Name of the Defendant]

Claimant: [Your Full Legal Name]

Claim Number: (only include this if a claim number has already been assigned and you have received correspondence on the matter)

Date of Loss: [Date of the Accident or Incident that Caused Your Injuries]

Dear Mr./Ms. [Name of Claims Adjuster]

In response to our previous conversation on May 9, 2015, please accept this letter as my official demand for compensation following the injuries sustained at your insured, Lancaster Shopping Mall.

I am only now finishing my recovery from the injuries I received during this accident. As you recall, I was riding the escalator at the Lancaster Shopping Mall when the machinery failed as I was riding, causing me to fall down the stairs. The lack of proper maintenance and functioning machinery that caused my fall is the direct result of Lancaster Shopping Mall’s negligence. This makes them responsible for the accident as well as all financial and physical strain I’ve endured since.

On the evening of March 14, 2015, I was riding an escalator from Floor 2 to Floor 1 at the Lancaster Shopping Mall. Approximately 5-6 stairs from the bottom, the escalator suddenly jerked to a stop, causing me to tumble down the remaining stairs. The fall caused a hard bump to my head, a sharp pain in my back, a wounded ankle, severe dizziness, and nausea.

Still disoriented, I was then taken by ambulance to Tri-City Medical Center, where I was seen by Dr. Louis Hanson. Dr. Hanson performed an MRI of my head and an X-ray of my back before diagnosing me with a severe concussion and a sprained ankle. I was told to stay home for three weeks to allow my head, back, and ankle to heal. In addition, I was prescribed [name the medication] for pain. However, this medication did not remove all discomfort.

Here are attached my medical bills, which further outline the cost of my treatment.

Ambulance: $340.00

Tri-City Medical Center: $628.00

Dr. Louis Hanson: $610.00

X-Ray: $220.00

MRI: $199.00

Prescription Pain Medication: $147.00

TOTAL: $2,144.00

During my mandatory three weeks off, I lost $2980.00 of salary pay. In addition, I was unable to carry on life as normal to take care of my children, seeing as I needed rest for my concussion, ankle, and back. Due to the strain that Lancaster Shopping Mall’s negligence has caused me, I am demanding compensation in the amount of $12,000.

I hope to receive a timely response in no later than 30 days from the date of this correspondence.

[Your Signature]

[Your Name – printed]


Note: demanding an amount of compensation higher than your medical costs is suggested. This helps ensure you receive a fair amount when/if claims go to negotiation later in the process.

Speaking with an Attorney

Demand letters are only one aspect of the personal injury claim process. For personalized legal advice, speak with a personal injury claim attorney today. They not only take the legal stress out of your equation, but they give you an even better shot at achieving the compensation you deserve.