Sample Demand Letter — Boat Accident

Were you recently injured in a boating accident because of another boat operator’s actions? If so, you may be eligible to file a claim and receive compensation.

Boat accidents can be tricky to file claims for. Before you write your letter, be sure to ask yourself these two questions:

  • Is there evidence to show that another boat operator was at fault?
    Whether the accident was caused by being hit by their boat, getting caught in their wake, or hitting debris from their boat, it is necessary to show proof of the boat operator’s negligence to qualify for a claim against them.
  • Does the opposing boat operator have boaters’ insurance?
    Without insurance, this person will likely not be able to pay damages. However, some boat operators also receive coverage through their homeowner’s insurance, so it is worth investigating.

If your accident satisfies these two statements, you may want to file a personal injury claim. Along with documentation of your injuries, medical bills, and loss of wages, you need to file a thoughtful, complete demand letter explaining your situation and requests.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney is the best course of action before filing a demand letter. If you'd like to get a head start, however, see the sample letter below.

Boat Accident Sample Demand Letter

Demand letters need to include many pieces of important information regarding your accident. The following letter includes this and should serve as a template when writing your own.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your City, State, and Zip Code]

[The Date]

[Name of the Claims Adjuster]

[His or Her Job Title]

[Address of the Insurance Company]

[City, State, and Zip Code of the Insurance Company]

Re: Your Insured, [Name of the Defendant]

Claimant: [Your Full Legal Name]

Claim Number: (only include this if a claim number has already been assigned and you have received correspondence on the matter)

Date of Loss: [Date of the Accident or Incident that Caused Your Injuries]

Dear Mr./Ms. [Name of Claims Adjuster]

In response to our correspondence on June 24, 2015, please accept this letter as my formal demand for compensation in the matter previously mentioned.

I recently finished receiving medical assistance for the injuries I suffered due to your insured, Mr. Eric Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson, as you know, was boating at [insert location] when he took a turn too close and his motor boat collided with my own.

The impact greatly damaged the port side of my boat and sent me overboard with multiple injuries. Mr. Stevenson’s ignorance of his surroundings and failure to follow standard boating procedures makes him negligent and personally responsible for the injuries I sustained from the collision.

On May 12, 2015, I was idled near the coast at [insert location], replacing the ice in the cooler on my deck. Mr. Stevenson, who was driving further out in the water, changed course for the coast at high speed.

I began waving at him to get his attention, but before he could completely turn out of the way, his boat hit mine. The force of the collision sent me overboard after hitting my head, torso, and right arm on the rail of my boat.

I was then transported by ambulance to Lakeland Medical Center, where I was seen by the ER doctor, Dr. Max Carter. Dr. Carter performed x-rays, an MRI, treated my arm for a hairline fracture, and prescribed me [name the medication] for the pain. I was ordered to stay home for three weeks from my job at DTE Energy Company to recover from my injuries.

I have attached my medical bills, which further outline the cost of my treatment.

Ambulance Transportation: $430.00

Lakeland Medical Center: $620.00

Dr. Max Carter: $312.00

X-Rays: $240.00

Arm Cast: $79.00

Prescription Pain Medication: $130.00

TOTAL: $1,811.00

Mr. Stevenson’s negligence has not only caused me severe pain, but has deprived me of three weeks salary, during which I lost $4,800.00 worth of pay. This leads me to request $12,000.00 in compensation.

I hope to receive a timely response in no later than 30 days from the date of this correspondence.

[Your Signature]

[Your Name – printed]


Note that requesting an amount greater than your lost wages/medical bills leaves room for necessary negotiation.

Seeking Help for a Boat Accident Claim

Personal injury attorneys are an invaluable resource when writing demand letters and filing claims. If you are interested in receiving compensation for your boating accident, contact an attorney today.

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