Slip and Fall In Local Restaurant— Demand Letter

Sample Demand Letter – Slip and Fall Against Local Restaurant

If you slip and fall at a small, local restaurant and sustain injuries, you can file a personal injury claim to get compensation to help pay for your medical costs and living expenses. Restaurants must comply with certain safety codes to ensure that their customers aren’t at risk of injury, and if they don’t comply with these rules, they are liable and responsible for your injuries.

To do so, you must first write a demand letter and send it to the restaurant’s insurance company. The letter should outline the details of the incident, why the restaurant is responsible, and your medical costs.

Remember to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions and attach all related medical bills to your letter.


Sample Demand Letter

This is a sample demand letter that you can use as a guide while writing a letter of your own. It includes all of the details and information you should include.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your City, State, and Zip Code]

[The Date]

[Name of the Claims Adjuster]
[Their Job Title]

[Address of the Insurance Company]

[City, State, and Zip Code of the Insurance Company]

Re: Your Insured, [Name of the Defendant]

Claimant:[Your Full Legal Name]

Claim Number: (Only include this number if a claim number has already been assigned to you, and you have already been contacted about the matter.)

Date of Loss: [Date of Accident or Incident in which the Incident Took Place]

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name of Claims Adjuster],

In response to our previous correspondence in relation to the matter mentioned above, please accept this letter as formal demand for compensation.

I recently finished medical care for the injuries I experienced while dining at your insured eatery, Sal’s Seafood. On November 18, 2015, my family and I were dining at Sal’s Seafood. We were seated close to the lobster tank, which is full of live lobsters. I got up from the table to use the restroom and slipped on water that had been leaking from the lobster tank. I fell backwards, hurting my back and neck. My family and I finished our meal, even though I was in considerable pain.

Sal’s Seafood is negligent and liable for my injuries. Management had known about the leaky tank for over a week and had been waiting for a maintenance man to fix it, yet they did not put up any warning signs of a wet floor. This is in violation of specific restaurant codes in which a restaurant must warn customers of wet floors with visible signage. I have attached the specific codes to this letter.

After our night at Sal’s Seafood, I went to my primary care doctor, Dr. Cary Nelson, who x-rayed my back and neck. I had minor sprains in both and was treated for my injuries and prescribed a pain medication [name the medication]. I was advised to stay home from my job at Polaris Incorporated for two weeks to recover from my injuries.

My medical bills are outlined in the list below, as well as attached to this letter.

Dr. Cary Nelson: $398.00

X-Rays: $126.00

Prescription Pain Medication: $39.00

TOTAL: $563.00

Due to the negligence of your insured, Sal’s Seafood, I suffered injuries and missed two week’s worth of work, which cost me $800.00 in wages. Because of these facts, I am seeking compensation in the amount of $2,500.00.

Please respond in no later than 30 days from the time of this letter. I appreciate a quick reply.

[Your Signature]

[Your Name – printed]


By requesting a settlement amount that is more than your combined medical expenses and lost wages, you are leaving room to negotiate a fair and deserved settlement.

Getting Help with Your Claim

Consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the claims process. A lawyer can assist you in writing your demand letter, gathering evidence, and negotiating a fair compensation.