Personal Injury Glossary

Glossary Terms

Personal Injury claims can be extremely complicated, and they are rarely straightforward cases. For people who do not deal with personal injury as a profession, it can be difficult to understand exactly where a case stands and what the next actions should be.

Insurance companies and legal organizations alike will often use legal jargon when dealing with personal injury claims. Without a grasp of these terms, claimants may have great difficulty in arguing their cases against experienced organizations.

It is essential that claimants stay on top of their claim and are always prepared for the next step. The greater your understanding of the factors at play in a personal injury claim, the greater your chances of success.

To best prepare for a successful case, or to simply understand your claim, read more about different personal injury terms and how they relate to your case. If you have questions about a particular term or the way a term applies to your unique situation, you should consult with a personal injury attorney.