Driving Laws By State

Did you know that driving laws vary depending on the state where you live?

Some laws are the same no matter where you live. In every state, it's illegal to drive with a BAC over 0.08%. Most states have laws against distracted driving and not wearing a seatbelt as well. In nearly every state, it is illegal to drink while driving. Mississippi is the only exception.

Why Do Driving Laws Matter?

Driving laws are vitally important to your personal injury because they'll play a role in determining who was at fault for an accident. If the driver who hit you was violating one of your state's laws, he or she could be found negligent and responsible for the claim.

Some states use no-fault insurance, meaning you won't even be able to file an auto claim against another driver unless he or she was at fault for the crash. For example, if you were hit by a driver who was texting in Maine, the driver would likely be partially at fault for the crash.

Driving Laws by State: