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Auto Accident Situations: Who's At Fault

If you have recently been in a car crash, you may not know where to turn or how to get assistance with your claim. Auto accidents are jarring experiences that could potentially change your life.

One of the most important components of an auto accident personal injury claim will be to determine who is at fault for the crash. The reason why fault is important to determine is because some states will not allow you to file a personal injury claim if you were at fault for the accident.

Other states will allow you to file a claim if you were partially at fault for a crash, but will reduce your settlement accordingly. For example, let's say you were rear ended as you slowed to a stop at a crosswalk. You would almost certainly not be totally at fault for the crash, but if you had a broken taillight, the other driver could argue that you were partially at fault for the crash. If you were awarded $10,000 to repair your car and cover your medical bills, your settlement could be reduced by the fault that you shared. If a court determined you were 10% at fault for the crash due to the taillights, your settlement would be reduced to $9,000.

Here is more information on how to determine fault based on your unique crash situation: