Determining Fault after an accident with an Unpredictable Driver

If you could predict what every other driver on the road was doing, the road would be a much safer place. Unfortunately, that is not possible. With so many cars on the road, it is likely that you will encounter some unpredictable drivers. In some cases, an unpredictable driver can cause an accident.

One of the difficult aspects of an accident with an unpredictable driver is determining who is at fault. In some situations, it is possible the driver that caused the accident might not even have damage to their car. For example, if the driver before you stops abruptly it is natural to slam on your breaks. If the driver behind you does not stop in time, this could cause rear end damage to your car.

Why an Accident with an Unpredictable Driver is Complicated

When going over the evidence, it might look like the driver that caused the accident was not at fault at all and you might be on the hook for the accident. After all, there was no damage to their car and if they were ahead of you, might have continued driving unaware of what was happening behind them.

That is just one example of how an unpredictable driver can complicate an accident, but there are many different scenarios that can occur on the road where you expect a driver to behave in a certain way.

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