Personal Injury Attorneys By City

Have you been injured in a serious auto accident, or did you slip and fall while shopping in a store? If so, you might be entitled to compensation. Thousands of people are injured due to no fault of their own every day--don't risk losing your settlement by waiting to file a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Laws by City

Your eligibility for a personal injury claim will vary depending on the city where the injury occurred. One factor that plays into every personal injury claim is a statute of limitations. Once you're injured you have a limited time in which you can successfully file a claim. Most states' statute of limitations is three years, but some are as low as one year, while others are as long as seven years. When filing a claim against a government entity, you might have just 30 days to submit your paperwork, meaning time is of the essence.

Another city-specific factor that will affect your claim is fault determination for auto accidents. Some cities no-fault auto insurance, which means that you'll usually need to file an insurance claim with your own insurer. Other cities use comparative negligence, which means your settlement will be reduced by the fault that you share.

Should You Speak With an Attorney?

If you're considering filling a personal injury claim, you should always work with a licensed personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer will help you understand what damages you're entitled to and how long you'll have to file a claim.

A personal injury attorney will also be qualified to take claims in your specific state. While it may feel overwhelming to file a personal injury claim, here's no need to fight this battle alone.

Here's a little more information on finding a personal injury attorney in your city: