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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chandler, Arizona

Many people go throughout life without encountering any kind of accident or serious injuries. However, a percentage becomes involved in accidents that weren’t their fault. If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the person or organization which caused your accident.

This sort of claim helps to cover the financial hardship of an injury that wasn’t your fault. The insurer typically pays the requested amount once it has been verified. However, some aren’t quite so eager so to help you through the process, so it is advised you hire a Chandler personal injury attorney to help you get your personal injury entitlements.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Chandler

A personal injury lawyer can provide advice, help you decide what type of claim you need to file, provide evidence that can support your case and negotiate with an insurer on your behalf. There are plenty of lawyers in Chandler, with over 200 who specialize in personal injury law. You should make sure you select one who is licensed to handle personal injury claims.

Typical Injuries in Chandler

Injuries from the use of defective products account for approximately 7% of all personal injury cases. These injuries can be caused by defective toys, medical devices, and in some cases, pet products have caused injuries. Medical malpractice has a high incidence in Chandler, as does slips and falls. The National Safety Council indicates* that slips and falls cause 7 million injuries annually with many taking place in Chandler. Vehicle accidents can’t be ignored, as there is a high frequency of these types of accidents in Chandler as there is across the country as a whole. These accidents seem to be quite avoidable as many occur while the driver is using a cell phone.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Chandler, Arizona

The Personal Injury Claim Process in Arizona

Personal injury law in Arizona states that if someone negligently causes an accident, they can be made to pay for medical treatment, any short or long term pain, emotional damage and loss of income to the victim(s).

As long as it’s clear who or what caused the accident, insurers will generally pay the amount that the injury is worth. There are times when a satisfactory monetary agreement can’t be reached, so this is when a Chandler personal injury lawyer can step into the negotiation process. You may even need to file a lawsuit in order to protect your rights.

For most cases of negligence in Arizona, you have to file the lawsuit within two years of the injury taking place, but if a government agency is involved it could be as little as six months. Civil cases, including personal injury claims, are heard in Maricopa County Court, 201, East Chicago Street, Chandler.

Use a Free Claim Evaluation to Find a Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be unnerving when you have to choose a suitable lawyer, even when you know that you should use a lawyer with personal injury experience. You can use our free claim form which is available to complete below. Don’t leave your claim until just before the statute of limitations in Arizona rules out your claim entirely.

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  • Source: * https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=45

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