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Personal Injury Attorneys in Phoenix

Did a grocery store slip and fall leave you with a back injury or did you suffer whiplash in a rear-end collision in Phoenix? If so, you might be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault party to recover damages.

With the help of a Phoenix personal injury attorney, you might be able to get properly compensated for your damages resulting from the accident.

A lawyer can help your odds of a successful claim increase significantly.

How Many Lawyers Are in Phoenix?

As of January 2018, Avvo reports Phoenix has 1,662 personal injury attorneys. The majority of these lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you will not have to pay a cent until your attorney gets you compensation for your damages.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident, you should consult with a personal injury attorney who is properly licensed and accredited to work in the State of Arizona.

Without the proper state licensing, your attorney cannot represent you in a court of law. A lawyer based in Phoenix will be familiar with the local and state laws, so your accident injury claim can be aggressively pursued for you.

How Can A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If you were hurt in an accident, a Phoenix personal injury attorney can assist you on different levels. If your claim must advance to court for a ruling, your lawyer can aggressively pursue your claim and represent you.

Sometimes a personal injury lawyer can reach a fair settlement with the insurance company, which in turn will ensure you get the funds that you deserve following a serious accident.

As an example of how a lawyer can help you, you might have been involved in an accident where you fell in a grocery store.

You might not be sure whether to pursue a claim against the company operating the store or the owner of the building. Your attorney will know how to proceed and will file a claim without wasting time.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Phoenix

Courthouses in Phoenix

Depending on the kind of claim, the defendant, and the value of the claim, your case might be filed in various courts of law. There are several different courts in and around Phoenix.

Here are some of the courthouses where you might be able to pursue your claim:

  • Phoenix Municipal Court
    300 Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85003
  • Maricopa County Courthouse
    125 W Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85003
  • Superior Court of Maricopa County
    101 W Jefferson Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85003

Your attorney will know where your claim should be filed.

Speak With An Attorney Today!

If you have been injured in Phoenix, you should consult with a personal injury attorney today. Arizona has a two-year statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury claim after an accident.

Get connected with a Phoenix personal injury attorney right away by completing the free case evaluation you see on this page.

You will not be asked to pay anything until the attorney gets you compensated for your damages.

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