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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in Garland, Texas

No one really expects to leave their home and end up in a hospital bed, but some accidents can be totally unexpected. It’s often a matter of bad luck being in the wrong place at the wrong time and encountering a situation where you are exposed to negligent behavior.

You may be able to claim compensation if you have been injured through no fault of your own, but the legal help provided by an experienced personal injury lawyer can be of great help in securing the right level of compensation.

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Garland

There are certainly a large number of suitable lawyers in Garland. Nearly three hundred of them advertise their ability to handle personal injury claims. It is always best to contact a licensed attorney as soon as your injuries allow you to do so.

The sooner a sound claim is presented the greater the chance that you will obtain the compensation you need to pay bills and get on with life the way you want to.

Typical Injuries in Garland

Most employees in Garland should be protected by workers’ compensation insurance, which prevents them from filing a personal injury claim against their employer, but workers’ comp. is not compulsory in Texas so there may only be the personal injury avenue to follow if you have been injured at work at an uninsured workplace.

Accidents don’t just happen at work, or at home, for that matter. They can happen anywhere with traffic accidents perhaps being the most common in Garland and slip, trip and fall accidents the second most common. These two accident types account for nearly a quarter* of all personal injuries caused by negligence in the city.

You could be waiting at an intersection for the lights to go green when a truck rolls up behind you and fails to stop in time before it hits the rear of your car. Whiplash is a common rear end accident injury and can take many weeks or even months to recover from.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Garland, Texas

The Personal Injury Claim Process in Texas

Texas personal injury law allows genuine compensation claims against third parties as long as it can be shown that negligence caused the injury.

As in other states, personal injury claims against private individuals and organizations are easier than pursuing a claim against a city or state government entity. Texas statutes of limitation are two years for a claim against a private party but only six months for a claim against a government.

Texas law allows for claims to be made even if you are judged to have been partly to blame for your own injuries as long as the percentage of blame is less than 50%. For example, if it is judged that you were10% at fault, then your compensation payment you claimed would be reduced by 10%.

Personal injury claims are filed through the relevant civil court for your area. This may depend on the exact amount of compensation claimed.

In Garland, for example you may file a claim at the Justice Court, which is located at N Garland Ave. Opening hours are from 8 a.m. through to 5 p.m. weekdays, but you may need to file your claim electronically.

Use a Free Claim Evaluation to Find a Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be a very stressful experience dealing with an unexpected injury. It is a relief to have an experienced personal injury lawyer to help with your claim, especially because there are time limits imposed on the whole process. If you take too long to file a claim, you may be denied any form of compensation.

Our free claim evaluation form can help you to locate a lawyer who is best suited to your needs.

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