Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fontana, California

When you have an accident unexpectedly you can expect to experience some financial hardship depending on the severity of the injuries. If the accident wasn’t your fault in California you can file a personal injury claim against the person or entity that caused your accident.

This payment provides you with the financial security that is necessary if you have to pay for medical treatment and you have to offset loss of earnings while you are off work recovering. Because personal injury laws aren’t always that easy to understand you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Fontana before filing a personal injury claim.

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fontana

There are approximately 100 lawyers in Fontana who provide legal services for personal injury claims. It is however recommended you choose a state licensed lawyer who has a proven track record in winning personal injury claims for accident victims. An experienced lawyer doesn’t waste any time and will offer you an honest opinion on your chances of winning a favorable personal injury claim.

Typical Injuries in Fontana

Personal injuries in Fontana can take place from many different sorts of accidents but the commonest are vehicle accidents on Fontana’s busy roads and highways. Additionally, slips and falls are commonplace, as is medical negligence.
The most serious vehicle accidents are caused when a smaller vehicle is involved in a collision with a large truck.

The injuries from this can be life changing and even cause serious events like quadriplegia, which means the remainder of your life will be spent housebound. Other accidents such as slipping and falling in a shopping mall or on a side walk can be devastating too depending whether you fall forwards or backwards.

Medical malpractice is a fairly common reason for injuries in Fontana and can result in a repeat visit to hospital to repair the damage.

All of the above injuries can result in long recovery periods so filing a claim for personal injury compensation helps to alleviate the financial burden.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Fontana, California

The Personal Injury Claim Process in California/h2>

California law has clear guidelines when filing for personal injury compensation. You have a higher chance of winning a personal injury claim if the evidence you provide cannot be disputed.

You should also ensure your claim is submitted within 2 years of the date of the injury which is required under California’s statute of limitations. If a government employee or entity caused your accident the time limit for filing a claim is just 6 months.

California personal injury law also allows for comparative negligence. This means that if the evidence you present finds that you are partly to blame for the accident you may still be entitled to a percentage of a compensation claim depending on the percentage that has been calculated to be your fault.

Personal injury claims are considered to be civil claims and are therefore filed with the relevant civil court. In Fontana the most likely court would be the Fontana County Court, 17780, Arrow Boulevard, Fontana. Its opening times are 7.30 am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Use a Free Claim Evaluation to Find a Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer

Even if you believe that you have a valid personal injury claim, you can’t be certain you will in the end win what you have asked for. Therefore, it’s crucial to leave any negotiating to an experienced personal injury lawyer who will fight with determination on your behalf to win a favorable outcome for you.

That’s when our free claim evaluation form can be of real help as it will help you locate a suitable lawyer from the 100 available in Fontana. Just complete the form on the page.

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