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Personal Injury Attorneys in New York

Did you slip and fall while shopping or did you suffer a back injury in an auto accident while in New York? If so, you might be eligible to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages.

If you are ready to see if you can file a personal injury claim in New York, a lawyer is an excellent resource. You can improve your odds of having a successful personal injury claim.

How Many Attorneys are in New York?

There are 4,529 personal injury attorneys in New York, according to Avvo as of January 2018. Most of these lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you would pay an attorney after a judgement or settlement is reached.

When looking for a lawyer for your accident injury case, it is important that you talk with a lawyer who is licensed in the State of New York. Without the proper state licensing and accreditation, the attorney cannot represent you in court.

A personal injury attorney that is based in New York will know the state and local laws, including any damage caps and the statute of limitations that applies to your claim.

How Can A New York Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If you have been in an accident, there are several benefits from working with a licensed New York personal injury lawyer. If your case has to go to court, your lawyer can defend you and aggressively pursue your claim.

In addition, he or she might be able to settle your claim with the insurance company, which speeds up the process and keeps you from having to wait a year or longer for a settlement.

As an example, if you are hit by a commercial tractor-trailer you might not know whether to sue the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, or the company that is leasing the truck and operating it.

Your New York personal injury attorney can get your case organized to make sure time is not wasted and your claim is properly pursued.

Personal Injury Attorneys in New York

Courthouses in New York

Regardless of whether you are going to a small claims court or a larger court, there are several different courts in the New York area.

Here are some of the courthouses in the greater New York area where you might be able to file your personal injury claim:

  • New York City Civil Court
    111 Centre Street
    New York, NY 10013
  • Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse
    40 Foley Square
    New York, NY 10007
  • New York County Courthouse
    60 Centre Street
    New York, NY 10007

Your New York personal injury attorney can help you determine which courthouse should be used to file your personal injury claim.

Speak With An Attorney Today!

f you need any legal help regarding your personal injury claim after your accident, you should consult with a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

In New York, you only have three years to file your claim against the responsible party, so you must act in a timely fashion to ensure you don't miss out on your chance to recoup compensation for your damages.

To get connected with a personal injury lawyer who handles personal injury cases in New York, complete our free case evaluation on this page.

You won't have to pay out anything until your case has been won or settled, so you have nothing to lose.

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