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Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Boise, Idaho

If you could predict the likelihood of an accident taking place, you would be well prepared to ensure the accident never happened. However, this isn’t the reality as accidents turn up quite unexpectedly giving the victim little or no chance of escaping the outcome.

If you have recently been injured in an accident that was due to another person’s negligence, you should contact a personal injury attorney who will look at the circumstances that caused the accident and determine your eligibility to win a personal injury claim.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Boise, Idaho

If you live in Boise, Idaho there are plenty of personal injury lawyers available to choose from. At the last count, there were around 140 located in the city who can offer legal advice and assistance for personal injury victims.

To be absolutely sure that you have chosen the best one to work on your behalf you should choose a licensed attorney who has an impressive track record when winning compensation for victims of accidents.

Typical Injuries in Idaho

Crashes involving motor vehicles are the greatest reason for disability and death for Idahoans aged 1 to 34 years*. They are the leading cause of injuries among people of every age.

Additionally, motor vehicle collisions cost Idahoans annually billions of dollars. The sorts of injuries that are most common from these types of accidents include:

  • broken bones;
  • back and spinal injuries;
  • traumatic brain injuries.

The severity of these injuries depends typically on the impact involved in the crash. A head on collision will result in more serious injuries, at least to the driver, than a rear end accident. An accident involving a truck and a car are going to cause more serious injuries than a car hitting another.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Boise

The Personal Injury Claim Process in Idaho

In Idaho, you typically have to be able to prove a person’s negligence in most personal injury cases. To prove negligence for example in a car accident you must submit evidence to the court or a jury. This would include that:

  • the party held responsible owed you a duty, such as stopping at a stop sign;
  • the person failed to uphold his/her duty such as running the stop sign;
  • that failure brought about your injuries because a collision took place;
  • you suffered damages due to the injuries such as loss of earnings, medical treatment expenses, and pain etc.

However, Idaho follows the law of comparative fault and negligence, so under Idaho law if you are found to be 50 percent or more at fault you can’t receive any compensation at all.

If you are 49 percent or less responsible, the individual who caused your injuries may be required to take responsibility for the proportion of damages which are equal to their proportion of fault. If there is either negligence or comparative negligence the decision will typically take place in court and the decision will be made by a jury because it’s just the question of fact.

Idaho has a 2 year statute of limitations in force that applies to all personal injury claims against individuals or private organizations. Special rules do apply if the injury was as a result of an action by the government or one of its employees. The statute for this situation begins as soon as the injured individual has suffered "some damage." It’s not taken from the date the injury is found by the person.

The Ada Courthouse, 200 W Front St, Boise ID 83702 is responsible for administering civil claims and its hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Use a Free Claim Evaluation to Find a Suitable Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t waste any time when filing a personal injury claim as the state’s statute of limitations restrict the time available to file a claim. Finding a personal injury attorney may seem an easy task with 138 of them available in Boise, but you will need the best and most experienced attorney to handle your case.

That’s where our free claim evaluation form comes in very useful. You can use it to select a Chesapeake attorney who will help you file your claim.

Additional Resources

*Source: cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/states/idaho/idaho.htm

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