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Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Madison, Wisconsin

If you live and work in Madison, Wisconsin, sooner or later you may be involved in an accident not of your own making. If you, or a family member, are injured this can be the source of a lot of personal emotional and physical pain and can prove ultimately expensive too.

You should certainly consider the chance of filing a personal injury claim against whoever was to blame or your injuries. A successful claim can help pay for medical treatment, lost earnings, as well as compensate for pain and suffering.

The help and advice from an experienced personal injury attorney can increase your chance of a successful claim.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Madison

There are more than 150 attorneys who are able to offer personal injury compensation advice and legal help in the city of Madison. This is a very large number and certainly provides you with plenty of choice.

It is always preferable to select a licensed attorney who has had the experience of dealing with personal injury compensation claims before as they will understand Wisconsin law on the subject and will have dealt with many claims like yours before.

Typical Injuries in Madison

Negligent acts can be the source of many different types of injuries in Madison. Of all accident types, traffic accidents are the most common. Traffic accidents are also the most common types of accidents that result in a serious injury or fatality.

The next most common type of personal injury in Madison occurs as a result of a slip, trip and fall accident. This could take place while entering or leaving an elevator, slipping over in a supermarket or shopping mall or on a badly maintained city sidewalk.

Medical malpractice accounts for a significant number of injuries every year. Medical malpractice occurs when actions and decisions by health professionals and the businesses and organizations they work for cause harm to patients.

A growing number of people across the U.S. have been harmed by over prescribed opioid prescriptions.

Construction and transportation accidents cause more workplace injuries in Madison than anything else. Workplace injuries are rarely treated as personal injuries in Wisconsin as most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Madison, Wisconsin

The Personal Injury Claim Process in Wisconsin

Wisconsin personal injury law allows genuine victims of negligence to claim compensation. This must be done within specified time limits known as statutes of limitation and there must be sufficient proof that an act of negligence caused the injury or injuries.

Workplace injuries in Wisconsin are mostly covered by workers’ compensation claims, not personal injury claims.

The statute of limitations for claims against private individuals and organizations is three years from the date of injury but only 120 days for a claim against a government entity like the City of Madison.

Generally, claims against a government department or agency are more complicated than those against a private individual or organization.

Your personal injury attorney will advise you how to proceed with a claim and what to include with the claim in terms of accompanying paperwork. Personal injury claims are usually pursued through the civil court, which in the case of Madison is the Dane County Courthouse at 215 S Hamilton St.

It is open every weekday except public holidays between 7.45 a.m. and noon and from 1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Use a Free Claim Evaluation to Find a Suitable Attorney in Madison

It can be stressful enough coping with an injury which was not your fault without having to consider tackling a major personal injury claim against those responsible for your injury.

Your personal injury attorney will certainly be of great help, but who do you select when there are so many good attorneys to choose from in Madison?

Bear in mind that you must take into account the state’s statute of limitation for claims, you can speed things up by using our free claim evaluation form below which can be used to select just the right attorney for your case.

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