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Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, Nevada

Have you been unexpectedly injured in a car crash or slipped over in a supermarket in Reno? Unexpected injuries that were caused by someone else’s negligence can be stressful and prove surprisingly expensive.

You could lose earnings and be forced to pay out for medical treatment for which you are not insured. Alternatively, assuming you have sufficient proof that it was someone else who was responsible for your injuries you could claim compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Reno

A personal injury attorney can make all the difference when you are planning to sue someone for the injuries you believe were caused by their negligence. There are over 130 attorneys alone in Reno who are listed as offering personal injury expertise.

It is important when selecting an attorney that you choose one who is definitely licensed to operate in the state and who has had documented experience in personal injury cases like yours.

Typical Injuries in Reno

Many accidents in Reno that eventually become personal injury cases are due to poor driving decisions. You can be seriously injured when someone crashes into your own vehicle on a highway anywhere around the city.

Many vehicle accidents these days in Reno are because another driver is not concentrating on their driving and using a cell phone instead. With two vehicles approaching each other at speed, all it takes is a moment’s distraction and a crash becomes inevitable.

Vehicle accidents do not cause all the personal injuries in Reno, of course. There are many other types of accidents. Slippery floors in shopping malls, icy sidewalks or uneven paving, falling debris from an unmaintained building are just a few of the scenarios which can cause nasty injuries.

Unrestrained dogs and medical negligence, such as misdiagnosis and prescription errors, as well as injuries caused by defective products are all examples of where a personal injury claim is needed to help pay for injuries that were avoidable.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, Nevada

The Personal Injury Claim Process in Nevada

Nevada allows personal injury claims to be filed within two years of an injury as long as there is sufficient evidence of negligence occurring. Claims against government entities such as the City of Reno are a little more complex as there is a requirement to file an initial ‘notice of claim’ with the city agency or the state’s Office of the Attorney General.

There are few caps on the amount that can be claimed except that they must be reasonably calculated. The only cap is on non-economic damages in a medical malpractice case, which is $350,000. Non-economic damages do not include things like medical expenses and lost earnings, but are compensation for the pain and suffering experienced; something which is more subjective.

Nevada has a modified comparative negligence rule that calculates your final compensation payment according to your role in the accident. If you are judged to be 50% or more to blame for the accident and therefore your injuries, you cannot obtain any compensation, but if you were less than 50% to blame, then you receive a proportional amount of the full amount you claimed in the first place.

You will probably file your claim with the Washoe County Court. The actual court depends partly on the amount claimed. Washoe County Court is located on South Sierra Street in Reno and is open between 7.45 .m. and 5.45 p.m. every weekday except public holidays.

Use a Free Claim Evaluation to Find a Suitable Personal Injury Attorney

There is pressure on you, the accident victim to submit a claim within a known time limit, but who do you choose if you feel you need legal advice? With 130 odd attorneys in Reno, this can seem a tall order.

One good suggestion is to complete the free claim evaluation form that we have provided for you below. This will help you to select a licensed attorney who is suitable for cases like yours.

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