Auto Accident Scenarios by State

Have you been injured in an auto accident? If so, you might be eligible for a personal injury claim.

Why Crash Scenarios Are Important

The exact crash you were in will make a big difference in your personal injury claim. First off, the insurer of the driver who was at fault for a crash will be liable for any damages incurred. This means that if you caused the crash, you will likely not be eligible for a personal injury claim.

Your specific crash scenarios is also important because you could be entitled to punitive damages if the other driver was particularly negligent. Examples of extreme negligence include drunk driving or texting while driving.

State Laws and Crashes

Each state will have its own laws when it comes to auto accidents and determining who was at fault for a crash. Depending on where you were injured, you may be entitled to more (or less) money.

Here's a little more information on filing a claim in your state: