Auto Accident Scenarios in Nevada

If you were injured while driving in Nevada, a personal injury claim may be able to help. After filing a personal injury claim, you might be able to receive compensation to help make ends meet while you're unable to work, or to pay off outstanding hospital bills from the accident.

How Does Nevada Determine Negligence in a Car Crash?

"Negligence" is a component of your personal injury claim that refers to who was at fault for an auto accident. If you were negligent in maintaining your duties as a driver in Nevada, you might not be eligible for a personal injury claim. The state of Nevada uses "comparative fault" in all of its auto insurance claims, meaning that your settlement will be reduced by the portion of fault you share for the accident.

For example, if another car hit you from behind, it's almost certain that the other driver would be found responsible for the crash. However, it's possible he might be able to argue that you share blame for the crash if your tail lights were out. If you suffered severe spinal cord injuries totaling $50,000 for medical bills and lost wages, but a court found you 5% responsible for the crash due to your broken tail lights, your settlement would be reduced to $47,500.

Specific Crashes in Nevada

Your unique crash situation is important for a few reasons. First, it'll be easier to determine fault by knowing exactly how the crash occurred. Additionally, some crashes yield more serious injuries, so you may be entitled to a larger settlement depending on what happened.

Here are some specific crash situations you might find in Nevada: