Auto Accident Scenarios in Connecticut

If you were injured in a car crash in Connecticut, you might be eligible for financial aid through a personal injury claim. PI claims can be used to help pay for your growing medical bills or balance out lost wages if you're out of work due to your injuries. If you were involved in an auto accident in Connecticut, there's a good chance you'll be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

Who's At Fault in Connecticut?

Connecticut uses comparative fault in auto accidents and other personal injury claims. What does this mean for you? Your settlement will be reduced for the portion of fault you share for an accident. For example, if you were rear ended it's almost certain that you won't be found at fault for the claim, but the other motorist might be able to make a case against you if your rear lights were out. If a judge found you eligible for $10,000 in damages due to the crash but your broken tail lights were 10% responsible for the crash, you'd receive a settlement of $9,000.

Specific Crashes in Connecticut

Some crash scenarios are easier to pinpoint than others. Who's at fault when another driver merges into traffic, or when two cars are involved in a head-on collision? These are important questions to ask yourself because they're questions a judge will ask you if you take your case to court. Here's a little more information on how a specific car crash scenario will affect your claim in Connecticut: