Equipment to Keep In Your Car

Auto accidents can happen at any point. Even the safest and most experienced driver could be involved in a serious auto accident.

One of the last places you want to find yourself is stranded on the side of the road without any assistance. In rural areas of the US, it could take hours for AAA or a tow company to pick you up. You could also not have cell service or a cell phone at all, meaning it could take a day or longer for assistance to reach you if you're on an infrequently traveled road.

Prepare for Anything

One of the best ways to ensure you'll stay safe and healthy while waiting for roadside assistance to arrive is to pack your trunk with the equipment necessary to ride out a few hours or days if need be.

Every car trunk should include necessities like a flashlight, water, bandaids and other basic medical supplies, a granola bar, and phone charger. But some climate are harsher than others. Here's some equipment you should always keep in your car depending on where you live:

Trunk Equipment By Region