Tips For Dealing With an Aggressive Driver After An Accident

It’s bad enough being involved in an accident which was not your fault. If you, or someone in your car, have been injured you will be worried, in pain and emotionally confused. It will be worse if the other driver involved acts aggressively, for some reason.

These tips may help you deal with an aggressive driver in the immediate aftermath of an accident. You will find that a personal injury attorney will be indispensable once you are in a position to think about compensation.

Tip#1: Don’t Argue With the Other Driver

If anyone has been injured, whether it was you, someone else in your vehicle, or another person you should concentrate on dealing with the injuries rather than confronting a driver who appears to be aggressive or drunk. Make sure you and others are safe and call 911 for an ambulance, if necessary.

Tip#2: Let the Other Driver Know You are Calling the Police

If someone has been injured, it will be essential to call the police. This can help you if you are approached by an aggressive driver. It can be easy to become emotionally involved, but it is possible that the other driver is incapable of talking to rationally and may just become inflamed if you start becoming angry yourself.

Act as calm and rational as you can when the police arrive as this will be noted on the police report which you may need if you decide to claim compensation from the aggressive driver.

Tip#3: Stay Inside Your Car If You Think You May Be Attacked

Assuming that your car has not been too badly damaged, it may be prudent to stay inside your car with the windows and doors locked. Show the other driver if he or she confronts you that you are phoning the police.

Tip#4: Use a Public Area to Park if Pursued by an Aggressive Driver

If you have had an accident, but you fear that you may be attacked by the other driver, it may be sensible to park your car, if possible, in a public area like a car park in front of a supermarket or restaurant while you call for the police.

The fact that the area is public might dissuade the other driver or there may be other people to help you deal with the aggressive driver.

Tips For Dealing With an Aggressive Driver After An Accident

Tip#5: Defensive Driving Can Help to Prevent Accidents Caused by Road Rage

Act defensively at all times and do not react in a confrontational way if threatened by an aggressive driver while driving on the road. If an accident happens, you will at least feel confident that the accident was not your fault.

Tip#6: Contact a Personal Injury Attorney As Soon As You Can After An Accident

Any accident can be an emotionally exhausting affair. After you have attended to injuries caused by the accident, it will be time to think about compensation if the accident was caused by anther driver’s aggressive and negligent behavior.

It would be wise to contact a personal injury attorney to help you negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company, rather than try and deal with communicating with an aggressive driver by yourself.