Tips for Documenting the Accident

Unexpected accidents can be very stressful as well as painful if injuries are involved. If you have been injured through no fault of your own as a result of a car accident, you may be considering taking legal action.

A successful personal injury claim made possible with the help of an experienced attorney can help pay medical bills, replace lost earnings and compensate for damage done to your car. Success depends on satisfactory evidence showing what happened and who was to blame. These tips may provide help in identifying what documentation is especially important.

Tip#1: Make sure You Get a Copy of the Police Report

If someone has been injured in the accident, then it is very likely that police will attend. In fact, you, or someone present, are expected in most states to inform the police if there have been injuries at the scene of an accident.

You should be ready to provide details of your registration, driver’s license and insurance and answer the police officer’s questions as factually as possible. Take a note of the police officer’s name, badge number and police station where based so you can track down a copy of the report that is compiled.

This may prove to be valuable documentary evidence later on after filing a personal injury claim.

Tip#2: Take as Many Relevant Photos as You Can

Photos can tell a story better than an oral account. It’s likely you have at least a cell phone available to record photos of the vehicles involved in the crash before they are moved. If not, ask someone else to take some photos and get them to email them to you.

If this is at all possible without causing inconvenience, take photos of any injuries which are obvious visually as well. This should not be prioritized before attending to any injuries while waiting for medical help or treatment.

Tip#3: Obtain Recordings From Eye Witnesses

Eye witnesses will be very useful evidence if they are prepared to give an account of what they saw happen. One way you can record what they have to say is to use the voice recorder function on your own cell phone or someone else’s. Few people know they have one of these, but it is able to make multiple recordings.

Together with this, try and make a note of eye witness’s names and contact details and ask if they would be prepared to make any statements if approached later.

Tips for Documenting the Accident

Tip#4: Collect Medical Reports, Medical Bills and Other Financial Evidence of Lost Earnings

In order to make an accurate calculation of damages, you will need to show proof that you were injured and how much it cost to treat the injuries. This may involve getting an estimate from a medical professional in the event there are future costs involved.

Also, you will need a statement from your employer to show evidence of any lost earnings.

Tip#5: Talk To a Personal Injury Attorney As Soon As You Can

A personal injury attorney can be of great help if you decide that you wish to file a personal injury claim against another driver who caused the accident in which you were injured. The attorney can help you collect contributory documentation which supports your claim and negotiate on your behalf with the other driver’s attorney or insurance adjuster.