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Tips For If You Were Run Off the Road

If you have been run off the road by another driver, more often than not there are serious injuries to deal with. In some cases a fatality may occur which may depend on what speed the car was doing at the time. If you believe the accident that was caused when you were run off the road was not your fault, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able. You may find you are entitled to file a personal injury compensation claim against the at fault driver.

Here are 6 tips to consider if you were run off the road:


You should contact the police to report the accident as soon as you are in a safe enough place to do so. You may be lucky as the police may be able to trace the driver if you have provided an adequate description of the vehicle, including the make, color and vehicle model and, if possible, part or all of the license plate. If you can remember any distinguishing features of the driver such as gender, age and clothing that could help too.


Were there any witnesses who saw what happened? If anyone stopped to help you, ask for their contact details so they can be contacted when required by the insurance company. They may even have been quick off the mark and managed to memorize the license number of the offending car which may reduce the length of time it takes for the police to find the driver.


Take photos if you can of your vehicle and any damage done. You can usually use your cell phone to take photos. These photos will help support your claim and the damages that occurred from the accident.

Tips For If You Were Run Off the Road


If you believe the driver who ran you off the road was clearly at fault and you were injured don’t admit fault yourself, as this may stop you getting compensation to cover the cost of your injuries whether it takes you just a few weeks to recover or several months.


If you end up on the side of the road or even in a ditch, considerable damage could be done to your car. Damages may not be just the visible damage but the undercarriage as well. You will need to do your best to find the at fault driver otherwise you may have to get your insurer to pay the repair bill. If you can’t find the driver, some states may permit you to file an uninsured motorist’s claim and you may be able to name the at-fault driver as a phantom driver.


If you think you have the evidence to prove who ran you off the road, as soon as you recover sufficiently you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will assess your case, have a look at the evidence and help prepare a personal injury claim on your behalf. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation to be put in contact with a personal injury lawyer who can help you properly file your claim.

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