Involved in an Auto Accident With a Bus?

Getting hit by a bus can be one of the most traumatic moments of your life. A crash with a bus could cause an immense amount of damages to your car, let alone yourself.

If you were hit by a bus driver, you may have financial resources. A personal injury claim is a common way for innocent parties to recoup damages for damages property, medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering if your injuries were severe.

So how do you file a personal injury claim against a bus driver? You'll likely be filing against the company's insurance, which can be very challenging. An individual will have a very challenging time filing a personal injury claim against a business, such as a bus company, without the help of a personal injury attorney. An attorney can discuss your options with you, negotiate your settlement behind the scene, and even defend your claim in court if need be.

You should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can to ensure that your rights are protected if you've been in an auto accident with a bus.

Here are some of the largest bus companies in the United States: