Motorcycle Crash in Commuter Lane

If you ride a bike, you understand there are risks. Unfortunately, the risks are often greater on a motorcycle than with other vehicles because you don't have the protection that is offered by other doors. Unfortunately, drivers often don't notice motorcycles so they are much more likely to cut over on you or hit you when you are riding in traffic.

If you have been involved in an accident in the commuter lane, you have most likely suffered a variety of damages. Common damages include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, personal property damages and more.

Damages to Your Motorcycle

A severe crash in the commuter lane will result in extensive damage to your motorcycle. These damages should be included in the property damage portion of your personal injury claim. Here are some damages that might result:

  • Frame damage - The frame on the bike could suffer damage from the crash.

  • Paint job - The paint will be damaged so the bike will need a new paint job.

  • Replacement bike - Your bike might not be repairable, so in this instance it will be totaled and you will need a replacement bike.

Keep any estimates for repairs, receipts for repairs, and estimates for replacement to help with the personal injury claim negotiations with the insurance company.

Motorcycle Commuter Lane Accident

Possible Injuries from an Accident in the Commuter Lane

Because of the high speed involved, an accident in the commuter lane often leads to serious injuries that can be life-changing and lead to long-term pain and suffering. You can suffer a variety of injuries in such a crash, but here are some of the more common injuries likely to result from a crash.

  • Traumatic brain injury - Even when wearing a helmet, a biker's head is at greater risk of suffering injuries. Traumatic brain injury can be life-changing, leading to mood changes, the inability to work or perform daily chores, and even lead to the need for round the clock care.

  • Paralysis - Being thrown from the bike or hit by another vehicle can lead to serious spinal injuries, such as paralysis. Paralysis changes the life of the biker and his or her family.

  • Broken femur - A broken femur is a serious leg break that requires surgical intervention and a lengthy recovery. You could need months of physical rehabilitation after a broken femur.

Your personal injury claim can include medical expenses. You should keep any medical records, bills, receipts, and prescription records to support this part of your claim.

Getting Help Today

If a motorcycle accident in the commuter lane has left you sidelined, help is available. You should consult with an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer to help you with a personal injury claim so you can recover compensation for the damages that you suffered as a result of the crash.

Because of the complexity of a personal injury claim, you should consult with an attorney right away before you file a claim.

Schedule a free case evaluation today. Your attorney won't get paid until you reach a judgement or settlement.