Motorcycle Crashes Due To Faulty Repair

You trust your motorcycle mechanic to do a good job. And fortunately, the vast majority of them do. But sometimes, mechanics engage in neglectful motorcycle repair, and the results can be dangerous.

Perhaps your own motorcycle accident was due to faulty repair. If you feel that it was, think about filing a personal injury claim and hiring an attorney to help you go through with it.

Injuries You May Sustain after Faulty Repair

Faulty repair can cause many types of accidents, and these are just a few of them:

  • Head injury: Your handlebars and turning mechanisms are important for getting out of tight spots quickly. However, if a mechanic doesn’t repair your handlebars properly, you may not be able to get out of the way of a car that ultimately flings you off your motorcycle. A head injury from that could lead to paralysis.
  • Road rash: If your mechanic doesn’t repair your brakes properly, you could end up losing control of your motorcycle and skidding across the road. This type of skin injury (which is known as road rash) can be quite severe, and it may require weeks of recovery.
  • Broken bones: A faulty repair of your kickstand could lead to your bike falling on you. If your bike is heavy and it lands on your arms or legs, your limbs could break as a result.

Crashed due to faulty motorcycle repair

Remember that the bills from any injury you’ve suffered as a result of this accident can become a part of your claim.

Don’t forget about your future costs, either; your therapy and future medical costs can also be included in your claim.

Damage to Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles--even at the low end-- cost thousands of dollars, and they can be utterly ruined in an accident. These are common issues you’ll have to address after an accident:

  • Damaged paint job: A mechanic could have neglected to make the correct brake repair to your bike; your bike will fall to the ground, and the paint job will be ruined.
  • Broken mirrors: When a tire isn’t replaced properly, you may accidentally skid and your bike could land on its side. That would probably result in broken mirrors, and naturally, they’d have to be fixed.
  • Destroyed frame: If faulty repair means you lose control of your bike and it falls from a great height, the frame could be destroyed. At that point, you’ll simply need to get a new motorcycle.

If possible, include damages (and and any others) in your claim, but be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney about what you should and shouldn’t have in your claim.

Receiving Help Today

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is always scary, but it can be particularly frightening to know that the accident was caused by a faulty repair. However, those circumstances also mean that you have some recourse.

If you don’t believe that you were responsible for your accident and a faulty repair was, contact a personal injury attorney. That attorney can help you get the financial compensation you need to get your life back on track.