Help! My Motorcycle Got Hit While It Was Parked

If you are parked and still sitting on your bike when it is hit, odds are you will suffer a variety of damages. Your bike will be damaged, so you will have property damage and you will suffer injuries, so you will have damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

You can pursue a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the damages that resulted from the crash.

Damages to Your Motorcycle

Your bike is going to be damaged after it has been hit by a vehicle while it was parked. While these damages are repairable, the costs can add up quickly.

Some common damages that might result include:

  • Handlebars - The other vehicle could hit the handlebars, warping them and making the bike inoperable. The handlebars will require replacement.

  • Dents - The impact can lead to dents on your bike, including on the fenders, gas tank, and the rest of the bike.

  • Paint - Your bike's paint will be scratched and damaged from the impact and/or from overturning onto the parking lot. It will need a paint job.

  • Wheel- Depending on where your bike is hit, it can suffer wheen and tire damage. Your bike might require a new wheel and tire to be operable again.

Keep estimates for any needed repairs. Keep receipts for any parts you purchase or any repairs that you have done. Also, take photos of the bike's damage and maintain documentation to support your property damage portion of you personal injury claim.

Motorcycle was hit while parked.

Possible Injuries From Your Accident

Unlike other motorcycle accident scenarios, it's unlikely that you'll be injured if your bike is hit while it's parked. However, any injury is painful and can lead to your down time. Here are a few of the injuries that might result from such an accident:

  • Broken fingers - You will be trying to grip the bike or hold the brakes to avoid a crash and to keep from overturning, so you might suffer broken fingers.

  • Mild road rash - Hitting the pavement isn't good for your skin, so you are very likely to suffer from mild road rash. Mild road rash is painful and requires medical care.

  • Shoulder pain - The sudden impact or being knocked over can lead to shoulder pain. Also, if your bike turns over and you hit the ground, the pain is much likely to be even worse.

Keep copies of your medical records, any medical bills, and prescription records to use as evidence in your personal injury claim.

For more information about medical bills and personal injuries, please see our page:

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Getting Help Today

If you have been involved in an accident resulting from your bike being hit while parked, you should consult with a personal injury attorney who has experience in handling motorcycle accident claims. Your attorney can determine what damages resulted and come up with a fair value of your claim.

Your lawyer will conduct an investigation to determine what caused the accident and how it could have been avoided. You should not file a personal injury claim until you consult with an attorney. There is no up front cost because your lawyer will not be paid until you get paid. Schedule a free case evaluation today.

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