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Auto Accident Resources in Atlanta

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Atlanta, you are not alone. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, 1,180 fatalities on Georgia roads in 2013. Fulton County had the highest number of fatalities with 85 reported. Fulton County alone had 54,385 crashes reported.

The records show that 18% of all fatal crashes in Georgia during 2011 involved speeding. About 23% of all Georgia car accidents in 2011 involved cellphone use.

The Atlanta area is a transportation hub. The area has hundreds of roads that are heavily traveled, as well as six major interstates passing through. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash in Atlanta, you have most likely suffered a variety of damages.

To recover these damages, you will need to file a personal injury claim against the liable party. Because of the complexity of such claims, you need to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

The Most Dangerous Highways in Atlanta

Atlanta has hundreds of heavily traveled highways, countless streets, and six major interstates passing through. While accidents happen all over town, there are some streets that see more than their fair share of crashes.

Auto accidents cost Georgians $1.63 billion in medical costs and lost wages during 2013. Here are a few of the most dangerous highways in Atlanta:


I-285 was listed as the road with the most fatal accidents per mile in the entire United States during 2013. Deep, sharp curves at ramps and interchanges are blamed for many crashes.


Another heavily traveled interstate route, there are dozens of wrecks reported along I-75 through Atlanta every year. Many of these crashes result in injuries or even death.


The I-20 and I-285 interchange is known far and wide for its risks. It is a sharp curve that often leads to accidents. Truck drivers sometimes have a difficult time negotiating the steep curve.

What To Do After A Crash

You will be mentally shaken after a car accident. However, you need to make sure you do everything right so you can preserve your rights to file a personal injury claim and recover damages. Always stay on the accident scene and make sure a report is completed. Here are a few tips for what to do after a crash:

  • Call the police because they will need to investigate and complete a report.
  • Get the other driver's insurance information, name, and contact information.
  • Ask any witnesses for their names and contact information.
  • If possible, take photos of the crash scene and damages with your cellphone.
  • Get medical care from a nearby emergency room.

Auto Accident Resources in Atlanta

Atlanta Hospitals

If you have been involved in an Atlanta car accident, you need to be checked by a medical professional at a local emergency room. Here are Atlanta hospitals where you could seek treatment:

  • NPiedmont Hospital
    1968 Peachtree Road Northwest
    Atlanta, GA 30309

  • NWellStar Atlanta Medical Center
    303 E. Parkway Dr. NE
    Atlanta, GA 30312

  • NGrady Memorial Hospital
    80 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr. SE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

Atlanta Auto Repair

If you have been involved in an Atlanta car accident, your car suffered damage. You will need to get estimates for the repairs from auto body shops. These written estimates need to be kept along with any receipts for repairs that you have done as well as receipts for towing or rental cars so you can use them for negotiations with the insurance company. Here are Atlanta auto body repair shops and towing services:

  • City Auto Body Shop Inc.
    540 Northside Dr. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318

  • Kong's Body Shop
    2214 Cheshire Bridge Rd. NE
    Atlanta, GA 30324

  • Northside Towing
    858 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been in an Atlanta car accident, your most valuable resource will be an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney. You will need to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the damages that you sustained in the crash. A personal injury attorney can determine what damages you suffered and the value of those damages.

Common damages include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damages. Schedule a free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible following the accident.