Auto Accident Resources in Aurora, IL

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, traffic accidents are currently on the rise in Illinois. While fatalities are actually decreasing, the number of accidents and accident-related injuries is climbing at a steady rate.

Especially in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, auto-related accidents can be devastating physically and financially.

If you were unlucky enough to be one of the 84,000 Illinois residents involved in a car crash each year, then don’t worry — there are resources available to help you.

Continue below to learn more about car accidents in Aurora, IL, where you can get help, and how you can prepare to file a personal injury claim for compensation of accident-related financial losses.

Common Crash Sites in Aurora

Aurora, a suburb located in the west section of Greater Chicago, is home to around 201,000 residents. While it is not as busy or crowded as downtown Chicago, it is home to many commuters that rely on their cars and small, winding streets to get them around the city.

The following are the most likely streets to see an accident in Aurora:

  • I-88: This interstate freeway is one of the easiest ways to get to downtown Chicago from Fayetteville. During early morning and evening commutes, both the freeway and all of northern Aurora become tightly-packed with drivers just trying to get where they need to go. These conditions make the I-88 a common spot for traffic collisions.

  • IL-25 and IL-31: These dual highways flank the west and east sides of the Fox River. The river aligns with a variety of popular spots in the city like Northgate Shopping Center, the Paramount Theater, and a variety of different popular restaurants. Evenings and weekends leave these common freeways tightly packed and increase the chances for an accident.

  • Walter Payton Memorial Highway (I-34): Even though this freeway only cuts through the bottom peninsula of Aurora’s city border, many accidents occur here. The freeway is not as populated as other roadways in the city, but this often leads people to drive faster here than normal, leading to increased speeding tickets and unfortunate high-speed collisions.

Aurora, IL Auto Accident Resources

What to Do After an Accident

Accidents are always an unexpected and scary experience. It is not your fault if you feel disoriented, pained, or forgetful after an accident — this is normal.

However, do your best to remember the following list of actions after an accident to stay safe and prepare for future legal proceedings.

  • Relocate to a safe area away from the accident.
  • Call the police.
  • Exchange insurance with the other driver involved in the crash.
  • Gather information to include when you make your claim (pictures of the car/site of the crash, information from witnesses, etc.)
  • Go to a hospital (take an ambulance or get a ride otherwise)

Hospitals in Aurora

Although small in area, Aurora has a variety of different hospitals you can attend for post-crash injuries.

Be sure to save all medical bills, test results, and diagnoses from your visit to include on your claim later on.

  • Rush-Copley Medical Center
    2000 Ogden Ave.
    Aurora, IL 60504
    Phone: (630) 978-6200

  • Fox Valley Primary and Immediate Care
    3535 E New York St.
    Aurora, IL 60504
    Phone: (630) 499-1900

  • Presence Mercy Medical Center
    1325 N Highland Ave.
    Aurora, IL 60506
    Phone: (630) 859-2222

Auto Repair Companies in Aurora

Aurora is home to over 20 auto repair stops throughout the city, guaranteeing you can find competitively-priced, nearby repairs for your car after a crash.

However, don’t forget to save copies of all repairs and receipts so you have evidence of all damage caused by the crash. Below are some of the most well-rated auto repair shops in Aurora:

  • Astro Auto Repair Service Inc.
    802 W Illinois Ave.
    Aurora, IL 60506
    Phone: (630) 301-6030

  • Auto Plus, Inc.
    1175 N Farnsworth Ave.
    Aurora, IL 60505
    Phone: (630) 898-5510

  • Greg’s My Mechanic Inc.
    1325 E New York St.
    Aurora, IL 60505
    Phone: (630) 898-9778

Considering a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can be hard to start, and harder to win, without professional help along the way. There is no better resource you can use during this time than a personal injury attorney.

They can help you to write a legally-sound demand letter, make intelligent negotiations with insurance companies, and statistically increase your chances of winning your claim.

As for payment, the majority of personal injury attorneys work on contingency, meaning they don’t get paid unless they help win your case.

Consider a free consultation with an Aurora personal injury attorney today to see if their expertise may be just what your case needs to win.