Auto Accident Resources in Omaha

Omaha has its fair share of car accidents just like any other city in the country. Douglas Count reported 11,304 car accident resulting in 3,497 people being injured and 48 people being killed during 2015, according to the State of Nebraska Traffic Crash Facts Report.

Looking at the state, there were 1.3 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled on local roads and streets compared to .4 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled on interstates in Nebraska.

Car accidents result in a variety of damages. You can recoup your losses through compensation received in a personal injury claim. To do this, you will need to enlist the help of a Omaha personal injury attorney.

An attorney will investigate your accident and determine the cause of the crash and the events surrounding it. With the help of an attorney, you can get the compensation that you deserve.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Omaha

Accidents occur on all kinds of roads and for all kinds of reasons. However, there are some roads in the Omaha area considered more dangerous than others because of the high number of accidents reported on them year after year.

A study conducted by some auto insurance carriers indicate that the city has some of the most dangerous intersections in the state. Here are a few of those roads:

144th Street and West Center Road

The intersection of 144th Street and West Center Road tops the list of most dangerous intersections in Omaha with more than 100 crashes being reported there. As far back as 1997 there were 93 crashes reported there during a year.

90th Street

A busy street in the city, 90th Street sees more than its fair share of accidents each year. These crashes result in injuries, lost wages, and property damage, so they are costly to everyone involved.

132nd Street, Industrial Road, Millard Avenue, & L Street

This intersection has four major roads pouring into it. With no crosswalks and very minimal sidewalk space, it is not safe for pedestrians either. This area has been the site of numerous crashes.

What To Do After A Crash

If you have been involved in an Omaha auto accident, you should stay calm and remain on the scene. Make sure you get as much evidence as possible to support your personal injury claim. Here are a few tips for what to do after a crash:

  • Call the police. They will need to investigate the crash and complete a report.
  • Use your phone to take photos of the crash scene and the resulting damage.
  • Get the names and contact details for any witnesses.
  • Get the name, contact information, and insurance information of the other driver.
  • Seek medical treatment from the closest emergency room.

Auto Accident Resources in Omaha

Omaha Hospitals

There are plenty of physicians practicing throughout Omaha. If you have been involved in an Omaha car accident, you should get an examination from a medical professional because some injuries are worse than they initially appear. Here are a few local hospitals with emergency rooms where you can be treated:

  • CHI Health Lakeside Hospital
    16901 Lakeside Hills Court
    Omaha, NE 68130

  • Creighton University Medical Center
    601 N. 30th St.
    Omaha, NE 68131

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
    S 42nd St. & Emile St.
    Omaha, NE 68198

Omaha Auto Repair

Following an Omaha auto accident, your vehicle will be needing repairs. To help with your negotiations with the insurance company, you should get a written repair estimate from Omaha auto body repair shops. Also, keep receipts for rental cars and towing bills. Here are some Omaha auto body shops and towing services:

  • Dingman's Collision Center
    3510 S 144th St.
    Omaha, NE 68144

  • B Street Collision Center
    13222 F St.
    Omaha, NE 68137

  • Young's Auto Repair and Towing
    6023 N. 30th St.
    Omaha, NE 68111

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

After you have been involved in an Omaha auto accident, you will make use of several resources. The most valuable resource will be a personal injury attorney. Working on a contingency basis, your personal injury attorney is not paid until you have gotten a settlement or judgment for the damages you sustained.

To ensure your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly, consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can after the accident.