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Auto Accident Resources in Philadelphia

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Philadelphia, you are not alone. Despite law enforcement officials cracking down on those violating traffic laws, there continue to be car crashes.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that Philadelphia County had 10,965 total crashes during 2010 which resulted in 84 deaths. Of those crashes, 8,535 caused injuries.

If you were hurt in a Philadelphia car accident, help is available. You might have a long road to recovery ahead of you, including hospital stays, surgeries, prescription drugs, and physical therapy. Your car might need expensive repairs and you might be out of work for a while.

A Philadelphia personal injury claim might help you get your life back on track after a car accident and help you recover your damages.

The Most Dangerous Highways in Philadelphia

As of 2010, Philadelphia's population was 1.55 million. With the highest accident rates in the state of Pennsylvania, it shouldn't be of surprise to learn there are thousands of drivers on Philadelphia's roads any given day. Located in the northern U.S., Philadelphia also suffers from harsh winters and blizzards, which do impact travel. Here are some of Philadelphia's more dangerous roads:

  • Roosevelt Boulevard
    On average, 10 motorists and pedestrians are killed every year in the 700 crashes along Roosevelt Boulevard. It is often called a suburban road in an urban environment, with 12 lanes.

    Despite the expansion of the road to have a dozen lanes, it is not big enough to handle the increased traffic it sees during rush hour.

  • Red Lion Road
    Red Lion Road has several crashes every year. Its intersection with Roosevelt Boulevard is among the most dangerous in the country, according to State Farm Insurance. That intersection alone was the site of 331 accidents in 2006.

  • Grant Avenue
    Hundreds of crashes occur on Grant Avenue every year. Grant Avenue also intersects with Roosevelt Boulevard. During 2006, there were 261 motor vehicle accidents at that intersection including cars and motorcycles. It is said to be the nation's third most dangerous intersection.

What To Do After A Crash

If you have been hurt in an accident on Roosevelt Boulevard or any other Philadelphia street, you should know what to do. To protect your vehicle and yourself, you might need to file a personal injury claim. Here are ways to protect your right to file a claim following a crash:

  • Call the police immediately. They will complete an accident report and investigate the crash.
  • Exchange insurance details and contact information with the other driver involved.
  • Ask witnesses to the accident to provide a written statement along with their names and contact information.
  • Seek medical treatment at the nearest hospital emergency room.

Philadelphia Auto Accident Resources

Philadelphia's Largest Hospitals

Even if you don't think you have been hurt, you should get checked by a medical professional following a motor vehicle accident. Make sure you keep all medical records, bills, and receipts. Your ambulance ride to the hospital can also be included in your personal injury claim.

You can also include any future medical expenses, such as surgical procedures and physical rehabilitation. Here are some Philadelphia hospitals:

  • Mercy Philadelphia Hospital
    501 S. 54th St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19143

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
    3400 Spruce St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

  • Temple University Hospital
    3401 N. Broad St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19140

Auto Repair in Philadelphia

If you were hurt in a Philadelphia motor vehicle accident, your car probably needs some repairs. Your personal injury claim can include the cost of repairing your vehicle's damages. You need written estimates, receipts, photos of the damage, and/or written proof that additional repairs might be needed to support your claim.

You can use these items in discussions with the liable party's insurance adjuster. Here are some Philadelphia area repair shops and towing services:

  • Philadelphia Auto Body
    3111 Grays Ferry Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19146

  • Girard Auto Body Co. Inc.
    808 N. 19th St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19130

  • Mike's Towing Service
    3946 N. 16th St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19140

Your Most Important Resource: A Personal Injury Attorney

If you don't have the support and guidance of a personal injury lawyer, your Philadelphia personal injury claim is almost impossible to win. If you have suffered injuries because of a Philadelphia car accident, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

There is no risk and no obligation because the attorney isn't paid until you are awarded a settlement or a judgment for your damages. Seek legal help right away because a statute of limitations applies.