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Accident Resources in Plano, Texas

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Plano, Texas, you are not alone. Thousands of auto accidents happen throughout Plano every year. According to City-Data.com, eight people were killed in Plano car crashes during 2014. Three of those crashes involved people who were drunk.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that the state fatality rate for 2016 was 1.44 per 100,000,000 vehicle miles traveled.
If you have been involved in a Plano car accident, you may have suffered damages. To recover your losses, you will have to file a personal injury claim against the other party.

Damages that you might suffer include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and personal property damages.

Your Plano personal injury attorney can help you recover your damages through the claim.

Dangerous Plano Roads

Some roads are more dangerous than others. Accidents occur everywhere, but the design, the traffic volume, and other factors such as speed can come into play and make some roadways more prone to accidents that others.

Here are a few of the most dangerous Plano roads.

  • North Dallas Tollway Service Road

    North Dallas Tollway Service Road is a busy road with several accidents reported each year. Its intersection with Legacy Drive saw 47 crashes during a three-year timeframe.

  • President George Bush Turnpike

    Heavily traveled by locals and guests, the President George Bush Turnpike sees more than its fair share of car accidents each year.

  • Legacy Drive

    Legacy Drive is heavily traveled and has a lot of cars entering and exiting at different locations. The Shops at Legacy are hard to maneuver when exiting and entering from the roadway.

Plano, TX Auto Accident Resources

What To Do After A Crash

If you have been involved in a Plano car crash, you must make sure you do everything you can to preserve your rights and ensure you protect your evidence so you can pursue a personal injury claim.

Here are a few tips regarding what you should do after a Plano car accident.

  • First, call 911. You will need the police to complete a report. If injuries are serious, ask for an ambulance.
  • Exchange insurance details and contact information with the other driver.
  • Get the names and contact information for any witnesses.
  • Use your smartphone to photograph the accident scene and the damaged vehicles.
  • Seek medical care at a local emergency room.
  • Maintain all documentation, such as medical records, repair estimates, medical bills, towing receipts, and so forth to support your claim.

Plano Hospitals

Even if you don't think your injuries are serious, you should be checked by a medical professional. Go to a nearby emergency room for an exam after an accident.

Here are some Plano area hospitals that have emergency rooms:

  • Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano
    6200 W. Parker Rd.
    Plano, TX 75093

  • Medical City Plano
    3901 W. 15th St.
    Plano, TX 75075

  • Baylor Scott and White Medical Center - Plano
    4700 Alliance Blvd.
    Plano, TX 75093

Plano Auto Body Repair

Following an auto accident, your car is going to need to be repaired. To support your personal injury claim and to help you negotiate with the auto insurance company, you should get a written estimate from local auto body repair shops.

Be sure to keep receipts for having your vehicle towed, receipts for any repairs that you have done, and receipts for any rental car that you must use while your vehicle is inoperable.

Here are Plano area auto body shops and towing services:

  • Linear Automotive
    905 K Ave.
    Plano, TX 75074

  • Herb's Paint and Body
    1205 Coit Road
    Plano, TX 75075

  • Signature Towing
    1204 Municipal Ave.
    Plano, TX 75074

  • Jordan Towing, Inc.
    601 Digital Drive
    Plano, TX 75075

The Most Valuable Resource: A Personal Injury Attorney

While multiple resources are needed following an auto accident, your most valuable resources will most likely be your Plano personal injury attorney. Your attorney can file a personal injury claim and help you get compensated for the damages you suffer from an auto accident.

Your attorney will determine which damages you suffered and how you should be compensated for them. Because personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, you won't have any out-of-pocket expenses. Schedule your free auto accident injury case evaluation today.