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Auto Accident Resources in Rochester, NY

According to the New York State Department of Health, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury-related death in New York state. Almost 140,000 ER visits each year are due to injuries from auto accidents, and the numbers still continue to rise slowly each year.

Between medical bills and car repairs, the financial burden of an unexpected accident and be staggering. Thankfully, Rochester has a variety of resources available to victims of car crashes. Depending on your situation, you may also be eligible for compensation after your Rochester auto accident by filing a personal injury claim against the opposing party’s insurance.

Rochester’s Most Dangerous Roads

Rochester, NY was formerly a small industrial town on the southern edge of Lake Ontario. Now, Rochester is home to almost 210,000 residents, the majority of which rely heavily on roadways to commute to work. The following roads in Rochester are the most prone to auto accidents:

  • Interstate 390: The I-390 runs along the outer limits of Rochester, but is easily the most likely to have accidents. It’s location next to the Great Rochester International Airport means that a variety of drivers (especially ones that aren’t familiar with the area) filter through at all times of the day.

  • Interstate 490: This freeway runs through the center of downtown Rochester and provides a straight path to the I-90, which leads directly into New York City. While Rochester is too far from NYC for regular commuting, it becomes especially packed (and dangerous for accidents) during vacation periods where people are looking to visit NYC on their time off.

  • Route 104: This route takes travelers through the northern segment of Rochester by Lake Ontario, Seneca Park Zoo, and Irondequoit. It runs east-west through a large portion of the state and is commonly used for those commuting into Buffalo or the upper section of downtown Rochester. It is wise to be wary of this road especially during morning and evening hours.

Rochester Auto Accident Resources

What to Do After a Crash

It is easy to forget the necessary steps you should take after the overwhelming commotion of an accident. Reduce the stress of remembering by following this list of actions:

  • Relocate to a safe area and take a breather.
  • Call 911 and inform the police about the accident. If you are uncomfortable doing any of the following steps on your own, simply wait for the police to arrive and they can help you.
  • Get the opposing party’s insurance information.
  • Take pictures of your vehicle, your injuries, and the area where the accident took place.
  • Go to the hospital (do not take yourself — either get a ride from an ambulance or a loved one.)

Hospitals in Rochester

Rochester has a variety of well-rated hospitals available to provide care after your accident. After visiting any of the following locations, be sure to get copies of all diagnoses and bills to include on your personal injury claim later on.

  • Monroe Community Hospital
    435 E Henrietta Rd.
    Rochester, NY 14620
    Phone: (585) 760-6500

  • Strong Memorial Hospital
    601 Elmwood Ave.
    Rochester, NY 14642
    Phone: (585) 275-2100

  • Unity Hospital
    1555 Long Pond Rd.
    Rochester, NY 14626
    Phone: (585) 723-7070

Auto Repair Companies in Rochester

Car repairs can be just as expensive, if not more so, than medical bills. No matter which shop you visit, be sure to get copies of all repair logs and receipts to receive compensation on your future personal injury claim.

  • Seasonall Automotive Center
    1601 E Henrietta Rd.
    Rochester, NY 14623
    Phone: (585) 424-1052

  • Turning Leaf Auto Repair
    305 Commerce Dr.
    Rochester, NY 14623
    Phone: (585) 749-7917

  • Vail Automotive Inc.
    757 South Ave.
    Rochester, NY 14620
    Phone: (585) 271-2406

Personal Injury Attorneys

Filing a personal injury claim without an attorney can be very difficult. Between the demand letter, legal negotiations, and a variety of other proceedings, it is vital that all paperwork and arguments are presented as thoroughly and professionally as possible. The help of a personal injury attorney is invaluable during this process, and can make all the difference in whether or not you receive compensation for your crash.

Even better, personal injury attorneys offer free consultations and typically don’t take payment unless they win you your case. For the best shot at winning your case, speak with a Rochester personal injury attorney before you send your compensation letter.