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A Shopping Cart from Meijer Hit My Parked Car*

Like all stores, Meijer offers shopping carts for the convenience of shoppers so that they can easily transfer their shopping between the store and their cars. This does not mean the store management typically pays too much attention to whether the shopping carts are sufficiently monitored so accidents do not take place. Often times, customers will simply leave their shopping cart close to their cars once the shopping has been unloaded.

If there are no employees around to move the shopping carts they can roll into parked cars causing damage. If you have had the misfortunate to find your car has been damaged by a runaway shopping cart and it will need to be repaired at considerable cost to yourself, you may be able to file a PI claim to help to pay for the cost of fixing your damaged car.

Causes of Shopping Cart Accidents

You cannot really dispute that when a shopping cart hits a car that it is not an accident, but has been caused by negligence. Stores like Meijer are required to keep their premises safe for customers to use without fear of injury to themselves or damage to their property. A shopping cart could cause damage to a car as a result of:

  • the parking corral for the store's shopping carts is so full that some are found mingling with cars in the parking lot causing serious damage;
  • an employee was not thinking what s/ he was doing when returning shopping carts to the store’s entrance so some rolled away and hit some parked cars;
  • a shopper allows a shopping cart to roll away after unloading the goods into the car and it damages cars nearby.

Types of Damage That Can Happen to You from a Shopping Cart Accident

A look of dread is likely to be found on a shopper’s face when returning to a car and finding dents and scratches caused by a shopping cart lodged up against it. It is quite unlikely that even a fast moving shopping cart is likely to total a car but the damage done could be quite serious such as long, fine scratches and deeply ingrained dents.

If a rear-ender takes place, the reversing and parking lights could be damaged, rendering them impossible to use in dim light. If you are able to provide adequate evidence that the car damage was caused by a shopping cart there should not be too much of a problem filing a PI claim for car damage.

Why You Need a PI Attorney and What He or She Can Do to Help You.

Damage to a car caused by a shopping cart could be expensive to repair so to ensure you get the payment you deserve you should discuss your claim with a PI attorney first. An attorney will make sure all the required evidence which proves negligence is presented to store's insurer so that the cost of the damage to your car caused by a shopping cart is paid in full.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Meijer, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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