What Should I Do If I Am In A Crash With a Celadon Group Truck?*

If you have been involved in an accident involving a truck, you have most likely suffered life-altering injuries, such as broken bones, loss of limbs, spinal injuries, or traumatic brain injuries. Truck crashes cause property damages and severe physical injuries.

You might be able to pursue compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer.

Determining Who is At Fault in A Commercial Truck Accident

To make sure you are treated fairly, consult with a commercial truck accident injury lawyer. Your lawyer will conduct an intensive investigation into the crash to determine why it happened to uncover any signs of negligence or other contributing factors.

This investigation will determine who is at fault for the crash to properly determine liability for damages. A thorough investigation will even dig into the events surrounding the crash and how they impacted what happened.

Semi-truck crashes could have a variety of contributing factors, but more often than not, the crash could have been avoided. Even if you were partially at fault for the crash, you might be able to recover some damages if the accident took place in a state with comparative negligence laws.

With the help of a lawyer, you can make sure you are fairly compensated for your damages. Damages might include medical expenses, lost wages, future earnings loss, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and property damages.

Negligent Acts That Contribute to Truck Accidents:

  • Improper Loading - Loads have to be properly handled and if not, they will shift and cause a truck to lose control and crash.
  • Reckless Driving - Reckless driving might include driving too fast, failing to adhere to traffic regulations, or running stop signs.
  • Distracted Driving - This might include reading while driving, eating while driving, or texting while driving.
  • Mechanical Failure - Truck parts can fail and cause a crash. This might be the result of failure to maintain a vehicle.

Negligence should not be taken lightly. If the other driver performed these acts of negligence, you might be able to pursue a personal injury claim. To see if you can proceed with a claim, consult with a personal injury attorney.

Collisions Involving Trucks

If you suffered injuries in a commercial truck accident, you might find yourself in a financial bind because of the quickly mounting medical expenses and your inability to work. Help is available with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer filing a claim against the liable party.

Without legal representation, you might not get compensated for the damages that you deserve. Schedule your free initial case evaluation with a commercial truck accident attorney today.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Celadon Group, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.