What Should I Do If I Am Hit By A Roadway Express Truck?*

If you are in an accident with a truck, a personal injury lawsuit enables the victim to pursue money damages from the trucking company and its insurance company for losses sustained in the accident. Delivery truck accidents can cause life-altering medical conditions that require years of medical care and, in some cases, personal care.

The trucking company cannot make the person “whole” again because the physical injuries often cannot be undone. Therefore, a personal injury claim provides monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the truck accident. In addition to actual damages, the victim is often entitled to receive compensation for his or her emotional suffering and physical pain.

Determining the value of a personal injury claim involving a truck can be a complex process often requiring the assistance of an experienced trucking accident attorney.

Determining Fault in a Truck Accident

Proving fault in a truck accident is essential in order for the accident victim to receive compensation for his or her injuries. In most commercial trucking accidents, negligence on the part of the driver and/or the trucking company is to blame for the accident.

However, in some cases, a mechanic, a manufacturer of truck parts, or the loading crew may be liable for the accident due to negligent actions. A personal injury attorney conducts a thorough investigation to determine all parties liable for the truck accident in order to maximize the amount of compensation received from the company and/or its insurance provider.

Examples of negligent actions that cause truck accidents include:

  • Reckless Driving – Driving while distracted by, fatigued driving, or violation of traffic laws are often a cause of truck accidents. The driver may be texting while driving or speeding when an accident happens.
  • Impaired Driving – Truck drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs are unable to operate a vehicle, especially a vehicle the size and weight of a large commercial truck, in a competent manner.
  • Defective Truck Parts – Some trucking accidents occur to a defective truck part or improper maintenance of the tractor truck and/or trailer.
  • Improperly Loaded Contents – If a loading crew does not follow specific procedures for loading contents, the contents can shift during transit causing the driver to lose control of the truck.

Have You Been Injured In A Vehicle Accident Involving A Delivery Truck?

If you or a family member is a victim in a vehicle accident involving a truck, you may need an experienced personal injury attorney to represent your interests. An experienced attorney understands the importance of a thorough truck investigation to determine fault for the accident. Key evidence can be lost or destroyed if you do not act quickly to identify and preserve the evidence.

Large truck companies aggressively defend personal injury claims. They have teams of lawyers that challenge the victim’s claims. Your personal injury attorney will use evidence gathered during the investigation from the accident scene, the trucking company, government agencies, and expert witnesses to hold the trucking company and any other party responsible for your injuries accountable.

Time is of the essence – if you were in an accident involving a Roadway Express Truck, or any other company, contact personal injury attorney today to protect your right to receive compensation for your injuries.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Roadway Express, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.