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What Should I Do If I Am Hit By A Walmart Truck?*

If you or a member of your family have been injured in any kind of way by a Walmart delivery truck, you might be entitled to compensation. One way of recovering damages after any sort of serious injury involving a Walmart truck accident is to file a personal injury claim against Walmart.

A successful personal injury claim can help to offset any medical costs incurred as a result of a Walmart truck accident, as well as compensate for earnings you may have had to forgo. A personal injury attorney can explain more about the process and help negotiate your claim.

Company Profile: Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest private company, as well as the world’s largest employer. It employs well over 2 million employees world-wide, although by far the greatest number of stores is located in the U.S. 62% of all Walmart sales occur within the U.S. Its corporate headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Thousands of large Walmart delivery trucks travel every day across the nation’s highways and smaller roads. As with any large truck, there is always a possibility that you could be hit, either when you are in your own vehicle or as a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist.

Who is at fault in a Walmart Truck Crash?

Fault plays a huge role in any auto accident claim. If you caused an auto accident, you will not be entitled to any damages. But if a Walmart driver made an error, you might be eligible for a personal injury claim. For example, if you were rear-ended at a stop sign by a Walmart truck, you might be eligible for a personal injury claim due to the driver's negligence. Speak with your attorney to discuss fault determination and your auto accident claim.

How Can a Walmart Truck Accident Claim be Evaluated?

Each Walmart truck accident claim must be evaluated individually because of the unique circumstances involved as well as differences in state personal injury statutes. The usual components of a truck accident claim include:

  • The cost of medical treatment, which must take into consideration any predicted future treatment, rehabilitation and support.
  • The loss of earnings, whether through wages, salary, business income or any other such losses. This component must also take into consideration any future losses if it is impossible to return to earning an income straight away. In some cases, life-long losses must be carefully calculated.
  • The non-economic factors such as the pain and suffering caused by the injuries. This can be harder to evaluate, but your personal injury lawyer will have a good idea of an amount to be included in the claim.

Your attorney may call on experts to evaluate specific components, particularly when more serious injuries are involved such as brain damage and spinal damage and lengthy recovery is expected.

Why a Personal Injury Attorney May be Needed for Your Claim

The sooner you initiate a Walmart truck accident claim, the better as it will be easier to recover evidence that has a bearing on your claim and contact witnesses whose testimony can help to confirm the account you have of the circumstances involved in the accident. In most truck accident claims it is advisable to use an experienced personal injury attorney who will have dealt with many claims involving large commercial truck accidents before.

Apart from the importance of obtaining sufficient evidence to establish who was to blame for the accident, each state imposes a limitation on when a personal injury claim can be filed. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Walmart, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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