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Coping With Car Accident Injuries

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Car accidents are the most common types of accidents across the U.S. Most auto accidents are caused by negligent driving on the part of one or more drivers involved in an accident. Unfortunately, car accidents can cause horrendous accidents and in some severe cases there is a need to cope long term with the injuries resulting from the accident. This can prove expensive and it is important to seek legal help from a car accident attorney who understands the local conditions that might apply to your state.

Common Car Accident Injuries

The injuries that can result from a car accident are very varied, but typically include physical trauma that results from violent physical contact with the hard and potentially sharp interior of the car you were in when the accident took place.

The list of common car injuries may include any combination of the following:

  • bruises;
  • cuts, gashes and open wounds;
  • neck and spinal injuries;
  • headache and traumatic brain injuries;
  • burns;
  • fractures of the limbs, including arms and legs;
  • dislocated joints, especially shoulder and hip joints.

Note that some car accident injuries do not present themselves until sometime after the accident. For example, symptoms of serious but common neck injuries like whiplash may not appear until days or weeks after the accident. It is important that a physical examination is made by a qualified physician as soon as possible after the accident so that latent injures can be identified.

Coping With Your Physical Car Accident Injuries

Many car accident injuries are thankfully relatively minor, such as cuts and bruises and immediate shock. However, some car accidents are so serious that the accident injuries can be permanent or at least last for a long time period. In these cases, the accident victim is forced to cope with the physical and psychological effects of the injuries.

This may include:

  • surgery to deal with serious injuries to limbs and external body parts that might need amputation, burn surgery and transfer of tissue to severely damaged tissue;
  • surgery that addresses damage to internal organs;
  • long term physical therapy that deals with underperforming muscles and joints;
  • medication requirements that help to address severe pain.

Coping With Trauma After a Car Accident

Psychological and emotional effects of a serious car accident can be as debilitating as the physical symptoms. It is important that you get a psychological assessment after a serious accident to determine whether you may be suffering from anxiety or even PTSD that can result from the trauma experienced.
The psychologist that assesses your emotional and psychological state of health can suggest longer term strategies to cope with the fall-out from the accident.

Getting Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

Long term car accident injury treatment can become very expensive and not everyone can expect to afford the correct level of medical treatment and support without help. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to obtain compensation from the other driver’s insurer. This depends on the state you are in and the severity of the injuries and projected cost of treatment. In some U.S. states where no fault laws are in force, the car accident victim may need to use their own insurance policy to obtain compensation, but even in these states, a personal injury claim may be allowed if the cost of treatment is more than the insured value.

In fault states, it is necessary to have evidence that another driver was to blame for the accident. The total cost of treatment and other damages are then included in a personal injury claim made against the at-fault party.

The claim depends on clear evidence of who was at fault including photographic evidence, witness statements and police accident report.

It is advisable to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer for legal help with a PI claim. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation to get connected with an independent car accident attorney who subscribes to the website and may be able to help with your claim.