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Using Online Tools After A Car Accident

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After a car accident there is a lot of information that you will need about your car and any car that you’re thinking about buying as a replacement. Bumper.com can provide a comprehensive auto history on any car that you’re looking at and give you fair market value rates for your car, used cars, or new cars that you’re considering buying.

When you’re valuing your vehicle or looking at buying a new or used car you need to have all the information in order to make a smart decision. Fair market value for the condition that your car is in will help you get a good price if you’re selling it, or know what you should be paying for repairs if you’re having it fixed. And if you’re looking at buying a new or used car you need to know that car’s history, any accidents it’s been in, and what it’s worth.

Unveiling Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)

Every car has a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN number. That number is used to track the history of a vehicle, provide information about the manufacturer, age of the vehicle, unique features that the car has, and to track recalls, registration, warranties, thefts, and insurance coverage. The VIN is like a car’s fingerprint, and just like human fingerprints every VIN is unique to a particular car.

Bumper uses VIN numbers to compile reliable, regularly updated information from NMVTIS, JD Power, NHTSA, and many other top industry data sources, including state-level government agencies, insurance providers and auto industry partners. Our affordable vehicle history reports may have accidents, recalls, market value data, in-depth ownership cost projections and more.

The Depth of Information

There are a lot of sites that can give you basic information about a car based on the VIN, but Bumper gives you an expanded report that contains all of the information you need to know about a car. With a Bumper report you will find out:

  • Any active recalls on that car, or recalls that were fulfilled and the date they were fulfilled
  • Any accidents the car was involved in and the damage done
  • The market rate of the car in your area
  • The ownership history of the car
  • All service and repairs done on the car
  • What features the car has

And more.

Using Bumper.com if you have been in Car accident

If you’ve been in an accident Bumper can help you by giving you the history of any car that you’re considering purchasing so that you can be sure you’re getting a good deal. And Bumber.com can tell you what the local market value of your car is in the shape that it’s in so you can get the best possible price for your old car.

Speak With An Attorney

If you’ve bene involved in a car accident you should always speak to an attorney. An attorney can help you make sure that you get all the money you’re entitled to after an accident. A skilled attorney will help you gather evidence, file your claim, and get the best possible settlement from the insurance company. And because attorneys work on a contingency basis you won’t have to pay anything up front. They don’t get paid until you do.


Getting into an accident can be a huge hassle, but Bumper.com and a good attorney can make the process of buying a new car and getting the money you’re owed from the accident faster and easier. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation to get connected with an independent personal injury attorney who subscribes to the website and may be able to help with your case.