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Personal Injury at Six Flags*

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If you have suffered an injury while visiting Six Flags or any other amusement park, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. This is because amusement parks like Six Flags are required to maintain their premises so that they are safe to be used by those who pay to use the facilities provided by the Six Flags theme park. With over a dozen locations spread throughout the country, Six Flags is one of the most famous and recognizable theme parks in the United States. Six Flags does provide family fun for the majority of its visitors but some accidents have taken place in the past.

If you were hurt in an accident at Six Flags or any other amusement park, you may qualify to receive personal injury compensation for the pain, suffering, and financial hardship for the injuries caused in the accident. You need to be able to prove that the theme park is responsible for the injury because it failed to maintain the facility so it is safe to use. If you have the evidence to prove this then there is a high chance compensation for the personal injury may be won.

Injuries at a Theme Park

The most common types of injuries that take place at an amusement park are:

This is because theme parks provide many different types of activities that could lead to hazards that could create slips and falls or trips and falls. However, it is the responsibility of Six Flags to adopt preventative measures which should stop slips and falls taking place. This includes erecting warning signs in places where a known hazard exist or clearing up hazards quickly so slips and falls are unlikely to take place. If the theme park fails to do this then you have every chance of winning compensation to cover the cost of your injuries.

The sorts of injuries that can take place in a slip and fall are:

  • broken bones;
  • dislocations;
  • spinal injuries;
  • head injuries.

In order to be eligible for personal injury compensation you need to prove that you are not at fault for the accident and injury that took place at Six Flags. You will need to gather witness statements, provide photos and write a description of how the accident and injury took place.

Negotiating a Compensation Claim by Yourself Can Be Difficult

Because negotiating a personal injury compensation claim with Six Flag’s insurer on your own may be difficult, you should fill out the Free Case Evaluation to get connected with an independent personal injury attorney who subscribes to the website and may be able to help with your case. The attorney you choose will most likely have experience dealing with amusement parks insurance.


The content of this article serves to provide information only. It is not to be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Six Flags, or any other theme park, you may not be entitled to any compensation.