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What Happens When a Car Is Hit From The Side?

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If you were in a side-impact car accident, you may have experienced some serious injuries. You can file a claim for compensation if you . You will need clear evidence to prove that you did not take any part in causing the side-impact accident if you wish to qualify for personal injury compensation from the insurer of the at-fault driver.

What Kind of Accidents are Side-Impact Accidents?

There are two main types of side-impact accidents as described below.

  • T-bone accidents occur when the front of one vehicle strikes the side of another, forming the shape of a “T” at the point of impact. They typically take place at intersections when one driver ignores a stop sign or red light and drives through the intersection at the same time another vehicle is traverses the intersection.
  • Merging accidents can cause sideswipes when two vehicles—both traveling in the same direction but in adjacent lanes—collide. This type of accident might be the result of one or both vehicles involved in the crash attempting to change lanes in an unsafe manner.

What Causes a Side-Impact Accident?

There are several causes of side-impact accidents. Some of the worst side-impact accidents occur at intersections when both vehicles involved may be moving at speed. Uncontrolled intersections and controlled intersections where one of the vehicle drivers fails to yield the right of way or runs a red light could both result in side impact crashes.

Other reasons for side impact collisions may include any combination of the following:

  • speeding;
  • failure to yield;
  • poor weather;
  • reckless driving;
  • texting while driving;
  • not stopping for a light or stop sign.

Common Injuries From Side-Impact Collisions

Any car crash has the potential to result in serious injury, especially a side-impact crash because the space between a person’s body and the point of impact is decreased. Both the driver and front passenger, if any, are likely to be seriously injured if the impact comes directly from the side. The seatbelt and airbag are better designed for rear and front end collisions. Serious impacts from the side can result in part of the side doors and windows penetrating the bodies of the people sitting in the front two seats of the vehicle.

Common injuries brought about by side-impact crashes include:

  • head injuries (concussion) or traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • cuts from shattered glass;
  • back or neck injuries including a herniated disc, whiplash, nerve damage, spinal cord damage, paralysis;
  • injuries to abdomen, chest, and pelvis;
  • soft tissue injuries that include muscle, ligament, and tendon tears or sprains.

Get Help With Your Car Accident Claim

It is never easy to prove who is at fault in a side impact accident but working with an attorney with a free case evaluation will help you get the proof you need to prove that you did not cause the accident and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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