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Why Are Car Accidents So Common In Florida?

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Car accidents happen every day, but they are more common in some areas than others. Car accidents in Florida are very common for a number of different reasons, and some of those reasons might be a surprise to the people who live here.

If you are involved in an auto accident Florida it’s important that you speak with an attorney to find out what your rights are.

You could be entitled to money to pay for medical expenses or to repair or replace your vehicle. Some of the reasons why car accidents are so common in Florida are:

High Population Density Causes Florida Car Crashes

Year-round residents in Florida know that during certain seasons there is a massive influx of people who flock to Florida’s beautiful sunny weather and amazing beaches.

When that happens the population density in Florida goes up, especially in larger cities and some of the popular tourist areas. More people in a small area increases the amount of car crashes in Florida.

Florida’s Roads Are Dangerous For Motorists

Have you ever thought about how narrow and curvy the roads are in Florida? When you’re driving up to a bridge entrance or near the beach you may have also noticed that the roads are barely wide enough to accommodate a vehicle.

Those narrow roads and hard curves lead to a lot of Florida auto accidents because drivers from other states may not know how to safely navigate those conditions.

Florida’s Roads Are Highly Populated

Florida natives know that when you’re going anywhere in Florida you need to plan an additional half an hour at least for traffic, and much longer during tourist season.

That’s because cities become extremely congested with traffic at various points throughout the year. When there are more drivers on the roads and those drivers are operating vehicles they might be renting and not that familiar with Florida car crashes happen. Car accidents in Florida cities are often caused by the extreme traffic congestion.

Florida’s Population Has a Higher Likelihood To Be In A Car Crash

It’s no secret that seniors love Florida. The warm weather and easy lifestyle makes Florida the perfect place to retire.

Florida’s population is largely made up of seniors who are here throughout the year or during the winter months if they live in cold climates.

Those seniors who are still driving have slower reaction times and may not see as well as they used to, and both of those factors can cause seniors to be involved in traffic accidents.

Florida’s Weather Can Cause Dangerous Driving Situations

Florida is known for being sunny and hot, but when it does rain in Florida it rains extremely hard. Rain and thunderstorms that have extreme winds and large amounts of rain can make roads slippery and create hazardous driving conditions that lead to Florida car accidents.

A Florida Personal Injury Attorney May Be Able To Help

If you’ve been in a car accident in Florida you should speak with a Florida car accident lawyer to find out more about your rights and any money that you might be entitled to. Contact a Florida car crash lawyer now by filling out a free Case Evaluation form.

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