Filing a Claim Against Someone Who Hit You Head On

While driving peacefully on your own lane, you suddenly saw another car heading to your direction uncontrollably. It crashed to your vehicle head-on. This situation may be considered a “no-doubt liability” since it is quite clear the accident was the other driver’s fault and it may not be argued otherwise.

A head-on collision can prove quite damaging not only to property but also to personal well-being. Injuries may be severe if a head-on collision is serious enough. At times, it can even result to death.

If somebody hits your vehicle head-on, you should immediately file a personal injury claim and make the other party pay for all damages acquired.

Damages the Car Crash May Have Caused

A vehicle moving uncontrollably and hitting you head-on could render serious physical injuries. Calculations of these injuries will rely on the medical tests and treatments provided by the hospital.

Other non-economic damages, such as anxiety, stress, trauma and other psychological effects of the accident may best be computed for you by a professional on this matter, such as a personal injury attorney.

For property damages, it is best to acquire independent assessments from reputable service providers. It is part of the process in an insurance claim to have an adjuster or a representative to inspect the damages to the car and make a recommendation of the repairs that need to be made with the corresponding value.

Only when you have your own estimate of repairs will you be able to determine the accuracy of the assessment of the insurer.

In inspecting for car damage and needed repairs, it is important to be very meticulous about it to make sure that no further problems will be found after the claim has been concluded. Broken headlight and windshields, blown engine, broken valve, cracked chocks, flattened tires, dented hood, scratched paints and many other types of repairs may result from a head-on collision.

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Filing a Claim Against Someone Who Hit You Head On

Identifying Liability

In the given situation where the other driver plowed your car head-on while you are driving in your own lane, identifying liability is easy enough. As mentioned, this type of accident may be deemed a no-doubt liability since this normally involves the other driver veering in the wrong lane.

However, you may need added proofs to show that this is indeed what happened. You can do this by taking photos of the accident, getting videos from CCTV cameras in the area, asking for a copy of the police report who investigated the accident and statement of witnesses who saw the incident.

Get a Personal Injury Attorney’s Assistance

No matter how obvious the situation is and even if the fault clearly lies on the other party, the personal injury laws existing in each state may prove complex. It is best to get the assistance of a personal injury attorney to ensure the strength of your claim.

An attorney's help will only increase the odds at getting the highest possible settlement for the damages sustained. Take our free case evaluation to speak with a personal injury attorney in your area today.