Florida Car Accident Lawyer

If you were recently involved in a car accident in Florida, you may be facing financial struggles as a result of medical bills, property damage, and various other such losses resulting from this incident.

However, you might not have to cover these expenses yourself. And this is because it is possible to seek compensation by filing an insurance claim.

Reviewing your case with a Florida car accident lawyer for more information is always a good idea because they can determine how you should proceed. Additionally, if you hire them, they may offer representation to help you pursue the full amount of compensation for which you may be eligible.

What Types of Cases Do Car Accident Lawyers Take In Florida

A Florida car accident lawyer may handle various types of cases, involving accidents such as:

  • Speeding accidents
  • Drunk or impaired driving accidents
  • Texting while driving accidents (and other types of distracted driving accidents)
  • Hit-and-runs
  • Head-on collisions
  • Merging accidents
  • Side-impacts

It is important to note that those are merely a few examples. For more information about whether an attorney can help you, it is best to schedule a consultation with a Florida car crash lawyer to discuss your case in greater detail.

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Florida is currently a no-fault car accident state. This means that you would file a claim with your own insurance to pursue compensation after an accident, even if someone else caused it. However, you may have the option to file an additional claim or lawsuit against the negligent party who caused your accident if your injuries are severe enough to meet a certain threshold established under Florida law.

Also, you must be aware that insurance companies are inherently businesses. Thus, your insurer’s goal may be to convince you to settle for less compensation than you deserve.

This is among the top reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer in Florida. A Florida car accident lawyer can assist you by:

  • Gathering evidence and documentation of your damages
  • Negotiating for a settlement
  • Determining if you have grounds to file a separate claim against a negligent third party

How Much Does a Florida Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Most car crash attorneys in Florida do not charge upfront fees for their services. Instead, they enter into contingency fee agreements with their clients.

With a contingency fee agreement, a lawyer’s fee is a percentage of the compensation they obtain for their client. This means that if your attorney does not secure any compensation for you (i.e., your attorney does not win your case), you will not have to pay them anything. Also, your settlement might account for your legal fees.

Get Help With Your Florida Car Accident Claim

Studies indicate that car accident victims often receive higher settlements when they hire attorneys than they receive when they represent themselves. Along with improving your chances of securing the compensation you deserve, hiring a car crash attorney in Florida to handle your case can help you free up time and energy to focus on your recovery. To learn more, complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected with an independent, participating attorney who subscribes to the website who takes cases in Florida.

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