Finding A Car Accident Attorney If Your Parked Car Was Hit

If you were in a car accident you should talk to an attorney that specializes in auto accidents. When accidents happen emotions can run high and you might not be thinking about who is going to take care of the cost of the damage to your car or other important issues. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you make sure that you get everything you’re entitled to and that your insurance rates aren’t affected by an accident that wasn’t your fault.

When someone hits your car parked car you may be entitled to more than just the cost of the repairs. If you were unable to get to work because of the accident or because your car wasn’t drivable you may be entitled to lost wages or other compensation. You also may be entitled to the cost of a rental vehicle and other expenses that occurred because your car was damaged by someone else when it was parked.

Make sure that if your car is hit by another driver you get that driver’s name, phone number, and insurance information right away. You should also call the police and report the accident. You will have a much easier time proving that you were not at fault for the accident in court if you have a police report that was written just after the accident.

After an accident the biggest concern most drivers have is that their insurance rates are going to go up because of the accident. If the accident wasn’t your fault then your rates shouldn’t go up. One of the biggest benefits of working with an experienced auto accident attorney is that an attorney can advocate for you with your insurance company. Your attorney will be able to talk to the insurance company and help prove that you weren’t at fault in the accident so that you don’t have to pay a huge rate increase.

Finding A Car Accident Attorney If Your Parked Car Was Hit

You should also work with a car crash attorney who can help you prove that your car was parked and was damaged by another driver and that you were not actively involved in the accident. The other driver may try to assign some of the blame for the accident to you by saying you were parked illegally or parked outside the designated parking area so that they have to pay less. An attorney that specializes in automobile accident cases can help you build a case to refute any claims that you were partially at fault for the accident.

Attorneys that specialize in car crashes and car accidents have the experience to give you the advice you need after an accident. They have seen every possible type of accident and an experienced car crash attorney will be the best resource you can have when it comes to making sure that you are not penalized for the accident and that you get all of the money that you’re entitled to from the person that hit your car. And a car accident attorney doesn’t get paid unless you get damages so you can trust that they will work hard to get you everything you should get.

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